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Publisher that represents works from different writers, targeted for TV, advertising, and multimedia. Company history, contact details, and information about the writers.

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  • Parker Music Group - Providing services in music clearance rights issues for music all media. Includes company information and contact form. music Based in Sherman Oaks, California, USA.
  • Quest Worldwide Production Music - UK registered publishing company that licenses audio to music worldwide licensees music in the multimedia markets including film, music television and radio.
  • MTL - Online library of pre-cleared original music for broadcast media, audio-visual, arts and entertainment and web productions. Covers most music genres. Based in Italy.
  • Music Reports, Inc. - Provider of per program and direct music licensing arts and entertainment arts and entertainment services to US television broadcasters.
  • Real Brave Audio - A recording studio that composes buy out production music music and arts and entertainment that features royalty free music downloads. music Music lesson program located arts and entertainment in the studios for music children and adults.
  • Bug Music - Publishing administrator since 1975: company profile, client list, licensing and licensing arts and entertainment information.
  • e5music, Inc. - Music licensing/publishing service including hip-hop, rhythm and blues, rock, pop, music adult contemporary, and Latin instrumental music.
  • Rumblefish - A company aimed at bringing a creative, financial and legal licensing perspective to any licensing project with music from a pre-cleared licensing catalog of handpicked artists, or from a major label.
  • Musync - Music licensing and supervision of proprietary Pre-Hit music. music Licensing cutting edge and underground Pre-Hit tunes into music film/tv, advertising, video games, multimedia and events.
  • Mazmania Music Co. - Offering songs available for mechanical, performance and synchronization licensing. Information arts and entertainment about represented writers and submission policy.
  • Signature Sound - Provides music licensing and clearance services for TV, music film, advertising, and new media. Music supervision music and stock music library selection for films. Located, music New York, USA.
  • Metisse Music - Represents both international and local authors and composers, in France arts and entertainment and for the whole of Europe.
  • Sourcemusic - Free B2B online research service at the interface between music music and film/ video. Provides a search engine for the repertoire music of Berlin independent labels and music publishers.
  • The Decibel Collective - Production music library that can be used for customers\\' projects. arts and entertainment Also offers music supervisor services, custom scoring, and direct worldwide arts and entertainment licensing. Information about composers and music samples.
  • Dittybase - Search, download and license stock production music libraries online.
  • Trowbridge Planet Earth - From a song publisher and licenser of Roots licensing and Alternative music located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. licensing Songs\' catalog and audio samples.
  • Ocean Park Music Group - A licensor of independent music, with exclusive representation arts and entertainment music of record labels for film, television, commercial, and arts and entertainment music all other types of licensing.
  • Anry Music - Offers personal song compositions and has listings of arts and entertainment music original, copyrighted music for hire.
  • Clear Music - An Irish company offering music licensing services, project licensing supervision and music music publishing expertise for the film licensing and television industries.
  • Media Creature Music - Publishing and administration company for publishing and master arts and entertainment licensing catalogs. Company profile, news, catalog, and contact information.
  • LabelSound - Selection of electronic, atmospheric and world music from independent record music labels available for licensing.
  • Music Licensing at Tracklicensing - UK based music licensing website featuring artists such arts and entertainment arts and entertainment as Chris Rea, Elvis Costello, T-Rex, Al Green arts and entertainment arts and entertainment and Jakatta. Listen to clips and license music arts and entertainment arts and entertainment on-line.
  • Sugaroo! - Company which represents musicians, songwriters, and composers catering to professionals music seeking music for every need. Roster and licensing information.
  • Pelikan Muzik Publishing - Publisher of music libraries for commercial - film arts and entertainment arts and entertainment - TV productions. Consultancy services for copyright clearances arts and entertainment arts and entertainment in Turkey. Extensive catalogue of local and international arts and entertainment arts and entertainment musical works.
  • Deep Emotions - Offers fully computerized copyright administration in India. Collects licensing mechanicals on behalf of foreign catalogue owners.
  • Complete Music Limited - Publisher that represents works from different writers, targeted for TV, licensing advertising, and multimedia. Company history, contact details, and information licensing about the writers.
  • Toby Darling Limited - Music publisher that accepts songs from songwriters and helps place arts and entertainment with artists worldwide. Includes an overview of services, roster of arts and entertainment current artists and contact information.
  • Jukebox License Office - Information on the requirements to license public performances licensing of copyrighted music music on jukeboxes as required under licensing Federal Copyright Law.
  • 56 Red Music Publishing - A Los Angeles based music publishing company currently accepting submissions music from song writers and artists.
  • EMI Music Publishing - Information about the company and the range of music services they offer.
  • Valentino Production Libraries - Offers music and sounds effects. General information, licensing form and music rates.
  • FlightSafe Music Publishing - Licenses music and songs of a variety of styles and genres for use in television, film and video games.
  • Sony Music Licensing - Easy to use music licensing website from this music major record company. Useful theme-search facility.
  • Unreal Music - An online facility to search, audition and license arts and entertainment music for all kind of projects.
  • Ring Cycle Music - Specializing in international licensing and marketing of recorded music for licensing independent record labels.
  • Universal Music Publishing Group - Provides licensing, a song catalog and artist roster, music news/information on services (administration, sub-publishing, creative, marketing, music and licensing), and sheet music.
  • NinjaBeatz - Pop/Urban music Composer/Producer. Past credits including Disney, Paramount, music Warner, CBS music and Miramax. 150 tracks available for music media licensing.
  • Indigo Gate - Provides licensing opportunities for artists, writers, photographers, and music other individuals.
  • Reel Sound of Music - Featuring music to support many listener and licensor arts and entertainment arts and entertainment needs.
  • Westwood Entertainment Group - Licensing, artist representation, and production. Company profile and artist roster.
  • - Network of independent musicians, filmmakers, and fans with music tools for music bands to submit music for licensing music in film/tv/advertising/online uses as music well as tools for music professionals looking to license independent music.
  • Agoraphone Music Direction - Music supervision for commercials, television and film.
  • EMG Music Clearance - Handles the music clearance process for producers of arts and entertainment licensing motion pictures, TV, video, film and multimedia.
  • Milk Music - Music supervision, licensing, clearance and consultancy for media and business.
  • BR-3 Films & Music UK Ltd. - London-based production company that offers music supervision and arts and entertainment licensing copyright clearance services for independent film producers across arts and entertainment licensing the world.
  • LoveCat Music - Independent music publisher and record label. Information about music music licenses for films, television and multimedia. Based music in New York, USA.
  • Tuna Music - An independent company with 10 years experience in licensing, research, arts and entertainment clearance and composition.
  • Peermusic - Privately owned publishing company accepting submissions from songwriters music and composers.
  • License Music Now - Music clearance services available for both professionals and music first-time producers arts and entertainment of film, TV and advertising as music well as non-profits and arts and entertainment other creative entities.
  • Universal Music Search - Searchable catalog of Bertelsmann Music Group. Hundreds of arts and entertainment arts and entertainment thousands of titles. Country specific sites for most arts and entertainment arts and entertainment countries.
  • The Harry Fox Agency - Licensing agency for the music industry. Currently represents music more than arts and entertainment 27,000 music publishers.
  • Kobalt Music Group - Offers global creative and administrative services to writers, publishers and music other publishing rights holders, and a royalty collection.

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