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  • RockRooms - A music and speech recording and rehearsal space recording studios in St. Clements, Oxford, United Kingdom. Services, and recording studios contact information.
  • Rock Town Studios - Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Details on services offered, installations, and contact.
  • RKS Recording - A 75\\' x 45\\' studio in Pontiac, Michigan, production USA, offering recording studios live recording, fully-equipped cutting room, live production echo chamber, EMT echo recording studios plate with Martech upgrade, production mixing, and mastering.
  • RiverSounds Recording Resort - A digital 24-track recording studio for all styles of uplifting music. Services and equipment. Based in Castell, Texas, USA.
  • Relief Studio SA - A professional music recording studio featuring Andy Munro r acoustic design, recording studios SSL 4064 G+, and ProTools HD. r Located in Belfaux, Switzerland.
  • Rotund Rascal - Established in 1979 by session musician, Dave Pearlman. The studio features advanced digital recording technology. Based in California, USA.
  • Red Plannet - A recording, mixing and mastering facility based in production London, United r Kingdom. Rates, equipment, and contact information.
  • Red Led Studios - A full-service studio in Madrid, Spain. All in production digital and r analog in 500 m2.
  • RaveOn Productions - Offers music, jingle, and multimedia production services.
  • Red Dog Studio - A full production facility that offers multitrack recording recording studios in r the studio and on location. Live sound recording studios re-inforcement. Mastering, r digital audio editing and sound design. recording studios Located in Massachusetts, r USA.
  • Ramble Creek Music - Multitrack facility offering engineering and production services in recording studios Texas, r USA. Photos, list of equipment, and contact.
  • Record Hall - Specializes in transcribing MIDI files to quality sounding r music. Demos, r links, and contact information.
  • Rik Tinory Productions - A 24 track recording studio with digital mastering facility and recording studios CD burn. Located in Massachusetts, USA.
  • Reelsound - Specializes in mobile and location recording covering the recording studios United production Kingdom and Europe. Offers soundfield microphones direct recording studios to disc.
  • Rick Quest Studio - Situated in North Hollywood, California, USA. Offers recording, production production, and recording studios post production. Also, ADR, VoiceOvers, video production editing, and WaveForm editing. recording studios Records live bands, 24 production track to hard disk.
  • Red House - Full-digital facility in Korea. Sample songs available online.
  • Rainbow Sounds - Located in Bernardston, Massachusetts, USA. Dedicated to recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design, and CD duplication.
  • Runyan Media - A mobile facility based in Northern Michigan, USA. recording studios General recording studios information, rates, links, and contact.

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