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It is a team of six composers and sound designers. Site features some excerpts of their work to watch and listen. Located in the Netherlands. (Flash and Quick Time required)

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  • Scott Singer Productions - Full-service music and live entertainment production company, including music music for production television and film scoring. Located in music Northern California, USA.
  • SA TrackWorks Productions - Anthony Anderson and Steve Smith - writing, producing and engineering for independent and major label recordings have had several international releases. All done in a state of the art facility in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Steam Powered Studio - A listener supported recording and production studio for music songwriters and s performers.
  • SK-Music Production - Offers production of backing tracks, mp3, karaoke, midifiles, production SMF, GM (2), GS, XG, notation, transcription, and production transposition.
  • Soundpalette - It is a team of six composers and sound designers. Site features some excerpts of their work to watch and listen. Located in the Netherlands. (Flash and Quick Time required)
  • SoundAbuse Productions - Professional music production company. Offers soundtracks, music for choreography, films, audio/MIDI productions, and jingles.
  • Soundmasters - Providing the highest quality sound mastering for CD, production DVD and production vinyl.
  • Studio Wizard Organisation - Providing services for people and organisations involved in production recording. Includes music projects and training.
  • Sanctum Sound - A writing, production and recording studio. Features details production of available equipment, production information and a photo production tour.
  • SVP Productions - Recording and distribution company that promotes recordings by musical artists s of Atlantic Canada. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • Shambakoo Media - A production company, focuses on entertainment needs within traditional and music new technological forums. Provides innovative concepts appealing to a diverse music cultural, ethnic and national audience.
  • Sanbreeze entertainment - A production company located in Germany. Bilingual website.
  • Sidetrack Records - In an association with Lost and Found Productions s provides production music of hip hop beats, demo production, s and studio time. Located music in Central Florida, USA.
  • Soundsational Songs & Productions - A musical production and publishing company specialized in s mainstream pop. production Credits, like 2 Unlimited. Based in s Belgium.
  • Sonare Recordings - Offers music engineering and production services on location production for Classical music and Jazz clients from Philadelphia to production Florida, USA. Produces projects music for Naxos Records.
  • Sonic Sorbet Records - Full production services for artists seeking major label deals.
  • SK Infinity World Media - Delhi, India-based company offering services for films, serials, production shows, and albums. Offers also composition specially focused production on meditation, healing, trance, spiritual, and reiki.
  • Scratch & Sniff Music Inc. - A label and production company offering numerous services including Canadian national distribution, radio tracking and promotion. Based in Montreal, Canada.

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