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Trade association representing the interests of all United Kingdom businesses selling musical instruments and associated products. Information about members, membership, and publications.

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  • Magnamusic Distributors Inc. - Wholesale distributors of sheet music, recorders, recorder accessories and woodwind instruments.
  • Terry Distributors - South African importer and wholesaler of musical instruments and accessories.
  • Cadeson Musical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of drums, Orff Music, music and wind wholesale and distribution and string instruments.
  • Rhodes Reeds and Cane - Picture and pricelist of available processed bassoon and wholesale and distribution music contrabassoon cane and reeds.
  • Sharma Music House - Manufacturers, traders and exporters of Classical Indian music Instruments such wholesale and distribution as Sitar, Veena, Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, music Mridhang, Pakawaj, Israj, Sarod, wholesale and distribution Santoor, Gunghroo, Flutes, Guitars music Sarangi, Nagara, Been, Gopichand, and Iktara.
  • North Pacific Organ and Sound - Specializes in digital organ technology for churches. Dealer of Allen wholesale and distribution Organs in Western Washington and Alaska, USA.
  • Musical Instrument Reclamation Corporation - Wholesale supplier of both acoustic and electric refurbished instruments used guitars.
  • Sanjin Music Instruments - A professional musical instruments manufacturer and a global instruments exporter in China. Deals with a full line instruments of musical instruments.
  • Music Industries Association - Trade association representing the interests of all United music Kingdom businesses instruments selling musical instruments and associated products. music Information about members, membership, instruments and publications.
  • Sound Technology Plc - United Kingdom representatives of AmericanDJ, Emagic, Hartke, IK Multimedia, Samson, music Taylor Guitars and Washburn.
  • The Overseas Connection - Wholesale dealer of African drums and percussion, also music sells retail.
  • NAMM: International Music Products Association - Members represent every aspect of musical instrument manufacturing and retailing. wholesale and distribution Information about membership, and all the promoted activities.
  • Jimy Plectrums - Custom and standard guitar picks. Includes manufacturing details, music ordering form, music and contact details. Minimum order 500 music picks.

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