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A totally digital distribution system and supply-chain for the online sale and delivery of e-CDs through affiliated retail websites worldwide.

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See Also:
  • Emperor Multimedia Corporation Ltd. - Manufacturer, distributor and retailer of rock, punk and metal music.
  • Alliance Entertainment Corporation - Distribution center for pre-recorded music and video. Includes a music, movie, and game guide. Coral Springs, Florida, USA.
  • Bayside Entertainment Distribution - National wholesale distributor of recorded and blank media music including CD, DVD, and VHS.
  • Recording Industry Association of America - Trade group that claims to represent the U.S. music recording industry. Details on services, members, executives profiles, music statistics, and contact information.
  • PeaceWork Music Net - Worldwide distribution of CDs in all genres. Services include recordings manufacturing, order-filling and all the bookwork.
  • The Music Connection - Offers Cassettes and CDs at wholesale and consumer wholesale and distribution recordings prices.
  • NBD Television Ltd - Distributes music and video titles to the entertainment industry.
  • Conspiracy Distribution - Belgium based company distributing various labels including Hydrahead wholesale and distribution Europe, Neurot Recordings, Sub-Deviant, U-Cover, Conspiracy, Snuff, Tumult, wholesale and distribution Obtuse Mule, Chrome St. Magnus, and Trust No.
  • OneSource e-CD Distribution Network - A totally digital distribution system and supply-chain for wholesale and distribution the online sale and delivery of e-CDs through wholesale and distribution affiliated retail websites worldwide.
  • CannibalMusic Digital Distribution - Commercial digital distribution for companies, musicians, artists, and music authors desiring wholesale and distribution instant payload delivery of their music, music art, video, text and wholesale and distribution other digital files.
  • Acoustic Sounds, Inc. - Audiophile recordings. LPs and CDs, new and used.
  • ADA - Alternative Distribution Alliance - Distributor of independent music in USA. Focus placed upon development wholesale and distribution and marketing artists signed to indie labels and selected wholesale and distribution projects from the Warner Music Group of labels.
  • Izpanno - Owner of digital rights of musicians and artists in Venezuela, music Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, music Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia. Company profile, assets, services, music and contact inform
  • National Association of Recording Merchandisers - It serves the music and other prerecorded entertainment music software industry. wholesale and distribution Includes information about offered services, programs, music events and membership.
  • Southern Music Distribution - [Atlanta, GA] National distributor of independent music: includes recordings company profile, catalog of recordings and a brief recordings artist information.
  • Coastal Records & Tape Distribution - Offers the serious independent label an alternative to the traditional recordings system of regional independent distribution or national major label distribution.
  • MGM Distribution - Distributor of hundreds of local and international record labels.
  • Idea - Music distribution for independent artists and labels. Also serving physical distributors who need an electronic distribution solution.
  • Entertainment Resources Group - CDs for DJs, nightclubs, and Radio stations. Includes recordings a catalog and membership information.
  • Heartbeat Productions - Distributes independent recordings and labels.
  • Wholesale Music CDs - New discount and out of print music CDs wholesale and distribution and DVDs.
  • K-tel International, Inc. - Holding company with subsidiaries which market and sell music pre-recorded music music and video products to wholesalers, retailers music and mass merchandisers.
  • On Demand Distribution - Business to business company specialising in the digital recordings distribution of music music through retail partners.
  • Continental Record Services - European distributor of Rounder Records with artists such recordings as Alison wholesale and distribution Krauss, Rhonda Vincent, Heather Myles and recordings Kathleen Edwards. Based in wholesale and distribution the Netherlands.
  • Statco One Stop, Inc. - Black Gospel music CD, cassette, and video distributor.
  • - Free digital music distribution to over 100 music store retailers wholesale and distribution including iTunes, Napster, and Rhapsody.
  • Wholesale Discs - Wholesale CD and DVD liquidators in USA.
  • Sidestreet Distributing - Distribution of independent recordings of Folk, Bluegrass, Old-time, music Celtic, Blues, Roots, and related genres.

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