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Birds, elephants, big cats, antelopes, reptiles, and scenic landscapes from around the world. Images available for use as desktop wallpaper or screensavers, and a CD-ROM.

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See Also:
  • German, Pavel - Library of approximately 30,000 images of Australian wildlife. Also, greeting animals cards for sale.
  • Hahn, Jason - Nature photography specializing in birds, wildlife, and scenery of Florida.
  • Picard, Mark - Extensive stock photolist. Specializing in moose, and New England mammals animals and birds.
  • Spasojevic, Zoran - Wildlife images, including mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and spiders; animals some landscapes. Also sells prints.
  • Wallack, Peter - Images of the birds of Sanibel Island, Florida. Order prints nature or buy a CD.
  • Huglin, Greg - Over 500 scans of dolphin images. Real nature images of nature wild dolphin behavior. Stock and nature print prices available.
  • Wilson, Paul Wayne - Specializing in photos of Florida birds, but also nature has stock coverage on other aspects of Florida.
  • Cousins, Steve - Stock library of 40,000 pictures of domestic cats, animals and dogs. photographers Photographer from South Africa.
  • Herron, John, and Fontaine, Mike - Bald Eagles, Koalas and other Wildlife. Some CD collections and nature royalty free photos are available.
  • Takacs, Dr. Zoltan - Images of venomous and nonvenomous snakes, other reptiles and amphibians, nature and invertebrates.
  • Jordan, Barbara - Specializing in North American animals, including bears, big nature cats, birds, dolphins, seals, whales and endangered species. nature Also, landscapes.
  • Vavra, Robert - Artistic stock photos, with special emphasis mainly on horses. Site animals also includes images of unicorns, cats, and some travel.
  • Dresser, Eric - 50,000 stock images of scenic, nature, and wildlife photographers photos taken animals in Northeastern United States and Canada. photographers Offers high quality animals stock wildlife photography for photographers publication.
  • Van Poppel, Eric - Birds, elephants, big cats, antelopes, reptiles, and scenic landscapes from nature around the world. Images available for use as desktop nature wallpaper or screensavers, and a CD-ROM.
  • Eide, Sharon and Flynn, Elizabeth - Images of animals, cats, dogs and livestock.
  • Stockdale, Renee - Domestic animal photography, including dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, nature birds, and exotic animals.
  • Zurawski, Mike - Digital, stock photographs of wildlife from the US animals Midwest available, royalty free, on CD-ROM.
  • Bloom, Steve - Extensive collection of color images of African wildlife.
  • Landsberg, Eric - Specializing in wildlife from Kruger National Park and animals other South nature Africa conservation areas.
  • Kubal, Peter - Features Insect portraits and behavior. Also has some photographers mammals, birds, animals and a few scenics.

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