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Official publication of the National Golf Course Owners Association, providing golf course owners with information about important issues involving the golf industry.

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  • Street & Smith's Sports Group - Daily trade publication dedicated to the business of sports and arts and entertainment covering sponsorships, endorsements, labor relations, licensing, team ownership, stadiums, marketing, arts and entertainment league operations, broadcasting, college sports, public policy.
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  • Golf Business Magazine - Official publication of the National Golf Course Owners sports Association, providing sports golf course owners with information about sports important issues involving the sports golf industry.
  • WIN Publishing Company - Sports-related special publishing, including schedules. Of special interest sports to athletic media and publishing directors and booster clubs.
  • #10 LLC - Specializing in designing and producing dynamic, rich-media applications and content sports with a focus on sports and entertainment industries.
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  • Inside Sporting Goods - A weekly specialized newsletter of "Sporting Goods Business" (SGB). 48 arts and entertainment issues a year. Only by subscription.
  • ICNsport - Provides rights free motorsport (focussing on Formula 1) arts and entertainment footage to broadcasters.
  • Sports Business News (SBN) - Online newsletter covering all aspects of business of sports.
  • Sporting Goods Intelligence America (CGI America) - Newsletter published 50 times a year covering the media and publishing media and publishing business of sports and news of major companies media and publishing media and publishing in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and retailers. Expert media and publishing media and publishing journalists.
  • Infostrada - A worldwide provider of sports information services and products. The sports core of the activities are the sports databases.
  • - Newsdesk, features, archives (from "Sport Business Magazine"), global directory, Sport media and publishing Business careers, events, PR, media pack. Part of Sports Business media and publishing International.
  • Dartfish - Offers televised broadcast footage, interactive Internet content and sport training applications and software.
  • Skyview Satellite Networks - A distributor of sports and news radio network programming with media and publishing a focus on providing complete solutions for managing radio networks.

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