Laser Lighting Effects Tools and Equipment

Lasersmith Light Show Systems produces laser light shows and laser show equipment for use in conventions, trade shows, casinos and special events.

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See Also:
  • International Laser Productions - Laser system manufacture for advertising and entertainment. Programming and design services.
  • Long Island Laser Works - Laser light shows for corporate events, outdoor events, private parties, lighting television, clubs, and raves.
  • LDS LightDesign Australia - Laser show production, architectural lighting designs and custom effects installations for lighting theme parks, expositions, attractions, corporate events, effects sports venues, festivals, and lighting entertainment centers. Sydney, Australia.
  • Stellar Designs Inc. - Laser show production. Full-color 3D laser graphics and effects beam effects, lighting as well as production services, for effects venues ranging from ballrooms lighting to arenas.
  • Cambridge Lasers Laboratories, Inc. - International sales, rentals and repairs of water-cooled ion laser systems.
  • Laser Electronics, Ltd. - Suppliers of lasers and laser light show equipment for leisure, effects film, and television. Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.
  • Holo-Spectra Inc. - Worldwide sales, rental, repair and installation of laser effects. Specialist effects in laser projectors and control software. Los Angeles, CA.
  • Oracle Laser Productions - Laser system manufacture and event design.
  • Freitag Technologies GmbH - Laser show production, showlaser rental, custom design services. laser Sales of optics, electronics, and accessories. Located in laser Germany.
  • Zechlaser - Laser show systems, laser lettering devices with separate controls, and CO¬≤ laser and cutting systems.
  • Precision Projection Systems - Installation of large permanent laser show systems. Also, subsystem, module, and component sales. Cerritos, CA.
  • Laser Electronics Ltd. - Sales, repair and reprocessing of lasers, laser systems, laser laser controllers. lighting Laser images/graphic creation for hire. Located laser in the UK.
  • Kozmic Lazer Show - Indoor and outdoor laser and pyrotechnic displays.
  • Lasersmith Light Show Systems - Lasersmith Light Show Systems produces laser light shows laser and laser laser show equipment for use in conventions, laser trade shows, casinos and laser special events.
  • Laser Visuals Limited - Suppliers of DPSS lasers, pc based controllers, scanners, lighting complete systems effects built to any spec and virtually lighting any other component required effects including holographic effects. lighting Available for any UK hire.
  • FirstLight Laser Productions - ADAT format laser light shows and ADAT and lighting Showtime show lighting programming for Planetariums and other venues.
  • Technological Artisans, Inc. - Laser show system rentals, sales and installation, and component sales. New York City.
  • Laserland GmbH - International laser and multimedia show production. Manufacturer of laser high end laser show and multimedia systems. Germany.
  • Laser Images, Inc. - Laserium laser concerts. Manufacturer of laser projection systems laser for worldwide effects clients, laser special effects for television laser and motion pictures, trade effects shows and conventions, touring laser companies, theme parks, and other special effects event productions. laser Van Nuys,
  • New Method Lasers (NML) - Manufacturer and wholesale distributors of laser lightshow hardware, effects X29 software, effects equipment, and systems for laser light effects shows. Largo, FL.
  • Laserlight Showdesign - Design, production and performance of laser, intelligent lighting, laser pyrotechnics and fountain installations. Custom software programming and laser show creation. Distributor for advanced show technology products laser and producer of popular ShowControl and BEAMagic s
  • Showlasers, Inc. - Laser show equipment, installation and show production. Dallas, laser TX.
  • Laser Fantasy International - Laser show production, architectural lighting designs and custom laser installations for lighting theme parks, expositions, attractions, corporate events, laser sports venues, festivals, entertainment lighting centers and museums. Bellevue, laser WA.
  • Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. - Software and products for producing laser light shows, laser and laser lighting displays. Extensive information regarding laser show laser technology.
  • Spectra-Physics - Manufacturer of diode pumped, ultrafast, Nd:YAG, ion, entertainment effects and CW tunable lasers. Mountain View, CA.
  • Laser Innovations - Manufacturer of entertainment laser systems. All our systems are available laser for sale or hire. From high powered lasers to Controllers, laser we have the solution.
  • tarm Showlaser - Based in Bochum, Germany. Laser show entertainment, equipment effects and special lighting events. Includes photo gallery of past effects shows.

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