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Manufacturers of the fully automated 7000 watt Xenon Skylight. Also, show production incorporating sound, lighting, special effects and animation for outdoor events, mall attractions, interactive entertainment.

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  • The Searchlight Company - Automated searchlight rentals. Space Beam, Sky Flower, Dominator. lighting England.
  • Spacecannon Illumination Inc. - Exclusive North American distributor for the searchlights manufacturered by Spacecannon vH of Fubine, Italy.
  • Skyview Company - Manufacture, sales, rental, and repairs of searchlights and rooftop inflatable searchlights advertising balloons.
  • East of Hollywood Production, Inc. - Single and four beam promotional searchlight rentals rentals serving the state of Florida.
  • Francis Searchlights Ltd. - Searchlights for events, architectural, marine; in the UK.
  • Sky-Tracker of Florida, Inc. - Rentals of multiple-beam searchlights. Located in Longwood, FL.
  • Phoenix Marketing - Advertising searchlights, rooftop searchlights, dual Hollywood searchlights, and searchlights large WW2 carbon-arc searchlights for all special evening searchlights events. Serving Northern CA.
  • Big Sky Balloons & Searchlights, Inc. - Rentals of balloons and truck-mounted, four-beam rotating searchlights. Chicago area.
  • Syncrolite Entertainment Technology - Manufacturers of the fully automated 7000 watt Xenon lighting Skylight. Also, searchlights show production incorporating sound, lighting, special lighting effects and animation for searchlights outdoor events, mall attractions, lighting interactive entertainment.
  • Star Promotions - Searchlights and multi-beam searchlights, as well as inflatable searchlights advertising balloons. Everett, WA.

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