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Microphone systems for woodwind, brass, percussion, strings and fretted musical instruments. The mics produce the natural sound of each instrument. Adaptable to wireless.

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  • Beyerdynamic North America - Manufacture, sales and service of microphones, headphones, wireless microphones and headphones and conference systems for the world-wide professional audio microphones and headphones community.
  • Electro-Voice - Prominent maker of microphones; also loudspeaker systems, amplifiers.
  • Hebden Sound - Design and manufacture of hand-made professional studio microphones. Based in manufacturers Yorkshire, England.
  • Taylor Hohendahl Engineering (THE) - Maker of high performance studio microphones. Company background and product and dealer information.
  • Azden Corporation - Wireless microphones for working people. VHF, UHF, videography, and infrared systems and headsets.
  • Heil Sound - Maker of microphones and accessories for recording, live sound, broadcast and amateur radio.
  • H.S.P. Connector Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer, distributor specialized in microphone and portable microphones and headphones PA systems. Taiwan.
  • Enping Charm Electronic Co. - Microphone manufacturer based in China.
  • Cascade Audio, Inc. - Surround sound microphones for your camcorder and palmcorder video recording microphones and headphones equipment. Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Olsen Audio Group Inc. - WindTech microphone windscreens and accessories including batteries, clips, manufacturers adapters and clamps.
  • Voice Technologies - Manufacturer of microphones, lavaliers, earpieces and headsets for audio film, broadcasting, audio theater and sound contracting.
  • Sonic Studios - HRTF baffled and headworn ambient stereo microphones for live sound microphones and headphones recording: music, EFX, samples, nature, location sound, and interview/news gathering. microphones and headphones Portable DAT/MD decks and accessories.
  • Point Source Audio - Manufacturer of high quality ear-worn microphones for churches, classrooms, theatres audio and broadcast. Three styles are available to deliver from speech audio only up to performance audio applications.
  • Audio Engineering Associates (AEA) - Manufacturer of ribbon microphones. Products, services, used gear, audio literature, links, and contact information.
  • MWM Acoustics - Provides high performance, cost effective microphone solutions to manufacturers the telephony, computing, and multimedia markets.
  • Applied Microphone Technology - Microphone systems for woodwind, brass, percussion, strings and microphones and headphones audio fretted musical instruments. The mics produce the natural microphones and headphones audio sound of each instrument. Adaptable to wireless.
  • Sabra-Som - Manufacturer of patented universal shock mount for any audio brand/type microphones.
  • Guandong Enping Sanying Electronic Manufactory - Manufactures conference microphones, multi-channel wireless microphones, didactical electronic manufacturers equipment.
  • Jin In Electronics Co., Ltd. - Mini, electret condenser, wireless, hand-free, and multimedia microphones. manufacturers Taiwan.
  • Neumann - Renowned maker of microphones for studio and live manufacturers sound applications.
  • Heaven Audio - Offering antique valve microphone hire. Details of the microphones and headphones microphones and headphones products along with prices and contact information.
  • Korea Pre-Tech - Professional microphones for PA system or vocals and speech.
  • Rising Sun Productions Ltd. - About the Holophone, a new microphone system for microphones and headphones microphones and headphones surround sound recording.
  • Enping City Feietang Jinjue Electronics Factory - Manufacturer of wired and wireless microphones used in home, stage, club, and conference. Plastic vacuum tube (valve) microphone a specialty. China.
  • K&K Sound - Pickups and microphones for acoustic guitar, double bass, manufacturers drum, and manufacturers many other string, wind, and percussion manufacturers instruments.
  • JTS Professional Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of professional microphones for vocal, musical instruments, communications and computer applications.
  • Violet Design - Manufacturer of professional electrostatic microphones for stage and microphones and headphones studio. Vintage microphone restoration.
  • JinQue Electronic Factory - Manufacturer of "Jinque" microphone series products, including wire microphone, wireless microphone, mix microphone and brainpower microphone.
  • DPA Microphones - Condenser microphones. Studio and wireless microphones for professional microphones and headphones audio engineering. Microphone dictionary and techniques.
  • Ultimate Ears - Personal ear and stage monitors, musicians\\' earplugs. Custom fitted personal earmolds add ear protection as well as fidelity.
  • Enping Lane Electron New Science and Technology Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of Lane and Kenyako brand microphones, including microphones and headphones manufacturers wired, wireless, mix, reporter, clip on, stand, and microphones and headphones manufacturers condenser mics.
  • Shure Incorporated - Stage and studio microphones, wireless microphone systems, and audio mixers.
  • Countryman Associates Inc. - Audio equipment for stage performers and sound reinforcement. Lavalier microphones, manufacturers active DI boxes, Isomax headset mic.
  • Sound Devices, LLC - Maker of the MP-1 portable, battery-powered microphone preamplifier manufacturers with phantom microphones and headphones power. For location sound and live manufacturers reinforcement applications.
  • White Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Manufacturer of microphone flags, mic blocks, and windscreens.
  • Future Sonics Incorporated - Makers of Ear Monitors personal monitors for live audio and studio audio music performance.
  • Microvox - Specialist microphones for acoustic instruments.
  • Beijing 797 Audio Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of microphones (dynamic, condenser) and other pro audio devices including amplifiers. China.

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