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Sales of fake food items including bakery, cheese, deli, eggs, fast foods, fruits, fruit garnishes, meats, party trays, seafood, sweet shop, vegetables and vegetable garnishes. Creation of custom food replicas a specialty.

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  • Mrs. O's Kitchen, Inc. - Maker of artificial display desserts. Online catalog includes pies and pie slices, display and serving pieces, cakes and mini-cakes, shortcakes and sundaes, candies, mini-pastry sets, wedgy pastry sets, seasonal items, and petit fours.
  • Iwasaki Images America - Creators of artificial foods for use in general tools and equipment props decorating, television, film, restaurant and supermarket displays. Props tools and equipment props include beverages, meats, breads, fruits and vegetables.
  • Incredible Inedibles - Fake food, breakfast, lunch, beverages, entree, desserts, dairy, props vegetables, breads. props Special replica foods also made for props child and adult nutritional props teaching aids.
  • Amazing Fakes - Handcrafted fake food displays. Includes beverages, car props hop, drive-in movie, personal and professional gifts, sports props themes, seasonal, vintage 50\\'s, business displays and regional props food props.
  • Decor Central - Pleasantly scented faux food items including cakes, cake food, fake stands, food, fake drinks, breads, vegetables, fruit cups, soda fountain food, fake items and food, fake other foods.
  • Barnard, Ltd. - Plastic, resin, and polyfoam display foods including fruits, tools and equipment props vegetables, meats, pastries, cheese, fish, and dairy products. tools and equipment props Props and other items as well.
  • - Sales of fake food items including bakery, cheese, props deli, eggs, props fast foods, fruits, fruit garnishes, meats, props party trays, seafood, sweet props shop, vegetables and vegetable props garnishes. Creation of custom food replicas props a specialty.
  • Trengove Studios - High-end props ranging from artificial foods, spills, and food, fake custom food, fake product models used for print ads, television food, fake spots and food, fake general photography.
  • JDI Fake Foods - Fake food products and collectible tea cups. Faux breads, pastries,┬ádesserts, teas, and beverages.

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