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Production of full colour printed scenery for use as backdrops in film and TV production. Can be used indoors and outdoors. UK.

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See Also:
  • Border Studio - Theatrical scenery, backdrops and theatre backcloths for stage backdrops productions. Also tools and equipment props, drapes and period furniture.
  • Moondrops - Rentals of scenic backdrops from blue sky to desert to WPA murals. Richardson, Texas.
  • Grosh Scenic Studios - Rentals of scenic backdrops, background panels, and theatrical drapery for scenic theater, theme park, and stage.
  • Tanner Backgrounds - Old Masters, Scenic, Simple Shades, and Dynamic backgrounds for professional scenic photographers worldwide
  • Charles H Stewart Co. Ltd. - Backdrops, drapes, lames and scrims.
  • Lite Trix Inc. - Stock and custom backdrops from supplied artwork or in-house generated artwork for customer approval. Also have flats, cutouts, and props to go with the backdrops.
  • Ed Lister Scenic - Scenic backdrops and large scale permanently installed painted tools and equipment backdrops murals for theater, film and television.
  • - Digital Backdrops and tutorials for the professional and amateur photographer.
  • Zinc Studio - Producer of digitally printed photography backdrops, trade show backdrops displays, set design and theatrical backdrops.
  • Brainworks Backdrops - Los Angeles, CA based decorative art business specializing backdrops in custom backdrop rentals for photography or the backdrops entertainment industry. Also, offers high end decorative backdrops art services, such as venetian plaster, faux backdrops finishing, woodgraining, silver and gold l
  • Backdrops Fantastic - Sales and rental of stock and custom backdrops for photography, scenic theatre, and events. Includes pricing and terms, locations, and testimonials.
  • Studio Productions, Inc. - Manufacturer and distributor of translucent backgrounds and scrims.
  • Chriska Stage Supplies - Theatre backcloths for pantomimes and shows. Also props tools and equipment and costume hire. UK.
  • Mark Hunt Backdrops (MHB) - Large collection of hand-painted muslin backdrops. Digital stock backdrops photography and backdrops custom artwork.
  • Oliphant Studio - Custom-painted and stock backdrops. New York City.
  • Lund Background Pictures - Custom large pictures used as backgrounds for the scenic television and tools and equipment motion picture industries.
  • Jumbocolor Ltd. - Production of full colour printed scenery for use scenic as backdrops in film and TV production. Can scenic be used indoors and outdoors. UK.
  • Denny Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Manufacturer of backdrops, props and related studio accessories.
  • Pro Backdrops - Selection of photo backgrounds. Original muslin and backdrops green screen backdrops digital backdrops.
  • J. Galt Design - Theatrical scenic backdrops for rent or on commission scenic for musicals, dance or special occasions.
  • DammannART Scenic Backdrop Studio - Rentals of scenic backdrops. Based in Hermosa tools and equipment Beach, CA.
  • Owen's Originals - A large selection of hand painted backdrops on scenic canvas and tools and equipment muslin. Specializes in custom scenics.
  • Kenmark - Backdrop rentals and sales. Scrims, cycs, and Broadway show backdrops packages available. Hand painted or digital custom designs.

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