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Welded aluminium products for roof systems, trusses, stage decks, barricades, sound structures, and tents. Brazil. View site in English or Portuguese.

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  • Litec Srl - Manufacturer of aluminium truss, roofs, and towers. A truss, roofs and tools and equipment towers Gruppo Manfrotto Company.
  • Optokinetics Ltd. - Manufacturer of modular truss systems, as well as tools and equipment lighting effects projectors, strobe lights, and related products. tools and equipment Offices in Luton, England and Ashland, VA USA.
  • Feeling Structures - Welded aluminium products for roof systems, trusses, stage staging decks, barricades, tools and equipment sound structures, and tents. Brazil. View staging site in English or tools and equipment Portuguese.
  • Milos Structural Systems - Manufacturer of QuickTruss aluminum truss systems as well staging as towers, truss, roofs and towers roof systems and custom fabrication. staging Distributed worldwide with offices truss, roofs and towers in Czech Republic, UK staging and USA.
  • Versatruss - Lightweight modular aluminum truss system for tradeshow booths, staging exhibits, displays, lighting and staging.
  • International Theatrical Truss Corporation - Manufacturer of several grades of trussing including Club/Light Duty, Heavy tools and equipment Duty, General Purpose, and Stage and Roof.
  • Tomcat Global, Corp. - Fabricator of trussing, roof systems, and lighting support.
  • Total Structures - Manufacturer of aluminum truss systems, outdoor stage roofs, Intelligent Pre-Rig Truss, and fold flat truss. Custom fabrication. Ventura, CA.
  • James Thomas Engineering - Manufacturer of truss, towers, and roof systems. Offices in the staging UK and Knoxville, TN.

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