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Hummer replica based on the chassis of a GM pickup. Company information, catalog with specifications and photos, contact information, and links.

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  • Roger Klimcke Racing - Builds replica kit cars including RAM Cobras Rush automotive Tojeiro and Kamala. Kit and spares information.
  • Rhino Buggies - Buggy and kit car manufacturer, specializing in custom business vehicles. Also suppliers of build it yourself CAD business plans to build your own buggy.
  • Dakar Cars Ltd - Produce the 4x4 body conversion for the Range kit cars and kit cars and replicas replicas Rover. Contains, kit specifications, tyre details, and contact kit cars kit cars and replicas and replicas information.
  • Carbontech Replicas - Supplier of Lamborghini Countach replicas built in Australia. automotive Specifications, pictures and prices.
  • Saker Cars - Makes a modern era sportscar. Company history, contact information, links, kit cars and replicas information and pictures of the cars and price list.
  • KoobleKarWerke - Manufacturer of Kübelwagen (German WW2 vehicle) reproduction kits for Beetle business frames. Kit information, FAQ, contact information, and forum.
  • GTM Cars Ltd - Specialist sportscar manufacturers. Provides company and contact information, kit cars and replicas as well as car pictures and descriptions.
  • North American Exotic Replica Cars - Sell kits and turnkey replicas of Lamborghini and automotive Ferrari. Photos, business prices and contact information.
  • Street Beasts - Makes replicas of \\'34 Coupe, \\'34 Cabriolet, \\'33 business Vicky, \\'66 automotive Cobra and \\'55 Speedster. Information about business the various kits, news, automotive FAQ and contact information.
  • Thunder Ranch Cars - Designers and fabricators of kit cars since 1978. Contains company automotive history, description of the cars, classifieds, articles and links.
  • Robert Q. Riley Enterprises - There is an interesting and wide variety of vehicle plans automotive and information here. Many recognizeable designs including the Mantis.
  • Marlin Sports Cars - The competition and self assembly arm of the business traditional British sports car company. Offers company history, business FAQ, news, pictures, and links.
  • Donkervoort Automobielen BV - Maker of a Lotus 7 inspired kit-car. Lists automotive information about kit cars and replicas where to get one, used car automotive sales, factory pictures and kit cars and replicas racing.
  • Nostalgia Cars UK - Producer of Jaguar XK replicas. Pictures, reviews, history and cars business for sale.
  • The Brunton Stalker V6 Clubman - American Lotus 7 inspired roadster. Pictures, technical information, automotive FAQ, and kit cars and replicas audio.
  • West Coast Roadsters - Sells Leitch cars in Western Australia. Includes company business introduction, list of cars for sale, FAQ, and business contact information.
  • Kougar Cars Ltd - Jaguar inspired kits-cars. Pictures and tech info.
  • Deauville Cars - Provide 2CV users with alternative 4seater/convertible. Photos, kit business information and links.
  • MotoAmerica Inc. - Sells Ginetta G20, a British replica kit car for the Mazda Miata. Pictures, specifications, price list, dealer list and company information.
  • Lone Star Classics - Manufacturer of Shelby Cobra Replica, 1953 Vette replica, automotive Ford 32 Roadster, and GT40 replica.
  • The Pilgrim Car Co. - Information and pictures of their replicas.
  • N F Auto Development - Manufacturer of Foreman Mk4 Ferrari P4 replica. Vehicle kit cars and automotive replicas design and manufacturing, repairs, and painting. Pictures, links, kit cars automotive and replicas and specifications of the cars.
  • Quantum Sports Cars Ltd - Offers kit or built sport cars. Specifications, FAQ, news and sale of new and used cars.
  • Pembleton Motor Co. - Offers a 2CV based 3 wheeler kit car business with traditional kit cars and replicas style. Diary, forum and news.
  • Mamba Motorsport - Home of the \\'C23\\' Lotus 23 look-alike. Technical data, photos, automotive price list and links.
  • Tiger Racing - Manufacturer of sports cars for road and track. Models include kit cars and replicas the Super Six, Cat E1, the lightweight R6, bike-powered B6 kit cars and replicas the twin-engine Z100 and the new English Racing Automobiles (ERA) kit cars and replicas single-seat race car. Information about the cars, price list, sale
  • Rodster Roadster - The rodster is a fat fendered kit business based on business the chevy s-10 blazer. It business is affordable, cool and business easy to build.
  • Suffolk Sportscar Engineering - Pre built or kit cars, manufacturer of the kit cars and automotive replicas legendary Jaguar SS100 replica.
  • Canadian All-Terrain Vehicles Corporation - Hummer replica based on the chassis of a GM pickup. kit cars and replicas Company information, catalog with specifications and photos, contact information, and kit cars and replicas links.
  • C-F Enterprises - A MG-TD-based replica of the AC Ace British roadster. Photos business and contact information.
  • Blackjack Cars - Makers of Avion, a 2CV based kit car. automotive Contains design and specifications, FAQ, gallery, and price automotive list.
  • NG Sports Cars - Produces classic 1930s style English roadsters either as automotive kit-cars or kit cars and replicas factory built. Company profile, contact information, automotive car options, pictures and kit cars and replicas links.
  • DC Kit Cars - Makes the Devaux coupé. Company and car information, automotive pictures and contact information.
  • Le Patron - Produces the Dutch build Citroen 2CV based kit car called business \'le Patron\'. Contains pictures and contact information. [Dutch, French, German]
  • Vitesse by Gulf Coast Motors - Offers a convertible rebody based on the \\'88-91 business Honda Civic. Gallery, prices, technical information and links.
  • Hawk Cars Limited - Features pictures and details of models offered, brochures, automotive and contact kit cars and replicas information.
  • Falcon Cars Ltd - Lotus 7 inspired kits based on Citroen 2CV kit cars and replicas donor vehicles. Car information and prices, photos and kit cars and replicas tuning parts.
  • Sebring International - Offers an Austin Healey replica. Car information, news kit cars and business replicas and cars for sale.
  • Vindicator Cars Exiting - Sport cars using Ford Sierra as donor. Company information, list kit cars and replicas of models, contact information, events and news.
  • Tornado Sports Cars - Manufacturers of GT40 and Lotus 7 replica sports business cars available in kit and turn key form. business Specifications, photo gallery and price lists.
  • Fiero Factory Ltd - Italian super-replicar manufacturers. Pictures and prices of the automotive cars and contact information.
  • Madgwick Cars Ltd - Pagham. Manufacturers of the SRV8 kit car. Includes automotive profile, technical specifications, details of the kit and automotive options, and a press review.

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