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Manufactures catalytic converters, catalytic mufflers, purifiers, catalytic exhausts, water-driven purifiers, rain flaps and exhaust equipment for industrial vehicles. From Italy.

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  • ProTorque - Manufactures torque converters ranging from overdrives to parts and accessories parts and accessories import applications to the antique.
  • Axis Products - Manufactures 2,000 lb. - 7,000 lb. spring axles parts and accessories automotive and 1,000 lb. - 7,000 lb. rubber torsion parts and accessories automotive axles for a variety of trailer applications.
  • Puradyn Filter Technologies, Inc. - Manufactures bypass oil purification system, which can be mounted on any engine or hydraulic equipment.
  • Tran-x - Manufacturer of synchromesh and dog gearboxes, gearkits and automotive differentials. Includes automotive product list and pictures.
  • ROC Spicer Ltd. - Manufactures front axle, rear axle, carden and CVJ automotive driveshaft. From Taiwan.
  • Mayr - Manufactures torque limiting clutches and zero backslash shaft drive train couplings, brakes; power transmission components.
  • Sigma Corporation Ltd. - Manufactures engine and transmission mounts, bushes, C.V boot drive train joints and exhaust rubber hangers. From India.
  • Dynatrac Products Co. - Provides individuals and small businesses with a source automotive for drive parts and accessories axle parts and equipment.
  • FormFlo Ltd - Manufactures synchroniser sleeves and constant velocity joint cages for many automotive automotive customers in Europe and in North and South America. automotive From UK.
  • Hangzhou Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd - Manufactures automotive transmission. From China.
  • GREN Machinery Co., Ltd. - An automotive parts manufacturer of auto brake rotors, automotive drums, pads, automotive radiators and wiper blades.
  • NDE Clarke Transmissions - Designs, manufactures, and supplies drive shafts and couplings parts and accessories drive train for the vehicle and industrial and marine markets.
  • Finnveden Powertrain Components - Manufacturers of components for powertrain, fuel injection and automotive braking systems. Swedish based company.
  • Chea Hwae Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufactures universal joints, yokes, flanges and drive shafts. drive train From parts and accessories Taiwan.
  • Jiun Mu Enterprise Co., Ltd - Manufacture of synchronizer rings for oem factories. From parts and accessories Taiwan.
  • Precision Products - Manufacturers of precision engine, suspension and transmission parts automotive for automotive applications. From India.
  • Clutch Masters - Manufactures high performance clutches, clutch packages, aluminum flywheels parts and accessories and clutch tooling.
  • Tom Woods Drive Shafts - Manufactures custom built drive shafts.
  • Richmond Gear - Manufactures ring and pinion sets, transmissions, and synthetic drive train gear oils.
  • Jack Knight Developments - Manufactures gearboxes and driveline components for Mini, MG, and other European markets.
  • Allison Transmission - Designs and manufactures medium and heavy duty automatic transmissions. A automotive division of General Motors Corporation.
  • International Transmissions Ltd. - Manufactures axles, transmissions, powertrains and integrated drivelines. From UK.
  • Exhaust Productions Inc. - Manufactures flexible connectors, automotive exhaust manufacturer.
  • Aftermarket Technology Corporation. - Remanufactures and distributes transmissions, converters, drive trains and drive train other related parts used in the aftermarket repair drive train of passenger cars and light trucks. (Nasdaq: drive train ATAC)
  • AVL - Development of powertrain systems with internal combustion engines, drive train simulation methodologies, instrumentation, and test systems.
  • DeFeo Manufacturing - Aftermarket manufacturer of Allison transmission replacement parts for parts and accessories parts and accessories all series including the new world transmissions. Also parts and accessories parts and accessories manufactures replacement parts for the bus and heavy parts and accessories parts and accessories duty truck industry.
  • Wenco Driveshafts - Remanufactured driveshafts, machined replacement driveshafts and race car drive train driveshafts.
  • Flex-a-lite Consolidated - Manufactures belt-driven and electric engine cooling fans, engine drive train and transmission oil coolers.
  • Centerforce - Manufacturer of clutch systems and flywheels for high performance or parts and accessories stock applications. FAQs and a dealer locator. Order logo merchandise parts and accessories or catalog online.
  • JMT Auto Limited - Manufacturer of transmission gears, shafts, bushes and pins. drive train From parts and accessories India.
  • Auto Gear Engineering - Designs and manufactures original equipment and performance transmissions parts and accessories automotive and drive train components, including the Supercase for parts and accessories automotive Muncie transmissions.
  • Cixi CIFT Control Cables Co., Ltd. - Manufactures control push cable for automobile and motorcycle. From China.
  • Hang Ji Industrial Co., Ltd. - Provides glow plugs, oil seals, universal joint, piston, gears, drive train suspension parts, bearing, brake and clutch assemblies. Exporter drive train from Taiwan.
  • CENTA Antriebe Kirschey GmbH - Solving application problems involving flexible couplings and especially drive train those drive train involved with torsional vibration. English and drive train German versions drive train available.
  • Masiero Antonio SpA, - Manufactures transmission and differential gears. From Italy.
  • H & A Transmissions, Inc. - Rebuilders of Japanese import gearboxes.
  • TransmaticSCTM - Automotive transmission additive that corrects internal low-pressure slippage malfunction conditions. USA.
  • MotoTron - Manufacturers of powertrain and vehicle systems for high-performance, racing, agriculture, drive train recreation, industrial and heavy vehicle.
  • Allenberry Gears - Manufacturers of gears and shafts for the automotive industry including transmission gears, differential gears, engine gears, gearboxes at Faridabad, India.
  • GMB - North America - Manufactures water pumps and U-joints.
  • Bersy s.r.l. - Manufactures catalytic converters, catalytic mufflers, purifiers, catalytic exhausts, water-driven purifiers, rain flaps and exhaust equipment for industrial vehicles. From Italy.
  • Dutchman Motorsports Inc. - Specialize in drivetrain, suspension and brake parts.
  • Griffin Ltd - Manufactures halfshafts for prototype vehicles and attachments for most multi-spindle screw machines.
  • Ningbo Honxie Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - Manufactures clutch discs for automobiles. China.
  • TCI Automotive - Maker of automatic transmissions, torque converters and accessories.
  • Classic Tube - Manufactures brake lines, fuel system lines, transmission lines, and vacuum lines.
  • World Wild Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of automobile, camshaft, valve rocker arm, transmission, clutch and crankshaft. From Taiwan.
  • Exedy Clutch Europe Ltd - OEM clutch suppliers to all Japanese car manufacturers drive train in drive train the UK.

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