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This category lists sites for manufacturers and resellers of conversion equipment for combustion engines.It covers both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and After Market (AM) replacement part manufacturers.

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  • LPG Vision - Install Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) conversion equipment. Includes cost-benefit analysis parts and accessories and dealer list.
  • Suraj Auto Lpg - Provides and fits LPG engine systems to road engine vehicles. Discusses engine the technical aspects and advantages.
  • Equipo Industrial Automotriz - Manufacturer of catalytic converters for gasoline, diesel and engine alternative fuel engine vehicles.
  • Future Fuel Technology - Specializes in converting petrol and diesel engines to use Liquefied parts and accessories Petroleum Gas (LPG). Includes company profile and technical data.
  • Bedini - Offers automotive conversion equipment. Include service overview and company profile.

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