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This category lists sites for manufacturers and resellers of cylinder heads and related equipment (like valves, camshafts) for combustion engines.It covers both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and After Market (AM) replacement part manufacturers.

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  • VEGE - Remanufacturer of cylinder heads. Includes company profile with international sale offices and facilities.
  • Spesso - Manufacturer of flat gaskets and joints for OEM and aftermarket applications. Includes product overview and catalogue.[English, French, Italian, Spanish, German]
  • Märkisches Werk Halver - Manufacturer of cylinder head components for two stroke parts and accessories engine and four stroke engines. Includes product overview and parts and accessories engine company profile.
  • Ameera Exports - Manufacturer of valves, rockers and related equipment. Includes cylinder head company cylinder head profile, product and application overview.
  • Hoga Industry - Production and sale of valves, guides and seats. Includes company engine profile and product overview.
  • Crane Cams - Manufacturer of camshafts and valvetrain components. Includes product cylinder head overview, company profile and list of retailers.
  • Cal Valves - Remanufacturer of engine valves for diesel, industrial and cylinder head automotive engines. Includes product overview, catalogue and company cylinder head profile.
  • Piper Cams - Manufactures performance camshaft and exhaust manufacturer.
  • Oygarsan Tappet Ltd. - Manufactures valve tappets for oem. From Turkey.
  • Nextech Engineering - Manufacturer and exporter of intake and exhaust valves. cylinder head Include product overview, capabilities and company profile.
  • L.E. Jones Company - Manufacturer of valve seat inserts for the diesel parts and accessories and automotive industry. Includes technical information and company parts and accessories profile.
  • Performance Springs Pty Ltd - Manufacturer of engine valve springs and retainers. From Australia.
  • National Cylinder Head Exchange - Remanufacturer of cylinder heads for all vehicles and marine applications.
  • Newman Cams - Manufacturer of automotive camshaft systems for motorcycles, automotive cylinder head and cylinder head industrial engines. Includes product catalogue and company cylinder head information.
  • Moonrise Industries - Manufacturer of cylinder heads for European truck and diesel engines. Includes product overview and company profile. [English, French, German]
  • Sino Spark Plugs - Manufacturer of spark plugs. Includes company profile and product overview.
  • Sanmati Exports - Manufacturer and exporter of valves, guides, tappet and valve seats. Includes company profile and product overview.
  • G&S Valves Ltd. - Manufacturer of valves for engine development, up to ongoing scheduled engine contracts for larger companies.
  • Airflow Research (AFR) - Manufacturer and designer of cylinder heads, with flow engine dynamics simulation capability. Includes company profile and product engine overview.
  • Precision Engine Parts - Manufacturer of bronze valve guides and valve train engine components. Includes company profile.
  • Mechadyne International - Developer of valvetrain systems for internal combustion engines. engine Includes product overview and company profile.

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