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Design and manufacture radar speed control signs and trailers, police radar trailers, school zone dolly signs, pole mounted signs, and homeowner/neighborhood signs.

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  • Miti Co. Manufacturing - Manufacturers of Rhino Immobilizers, MitiVend Parking Attendants, and safety devices Hoop DeCon Wash equipment.
  • DriveDiagnostics Ltd. - Offers system for monitoring and continuously reinforcing safe safety devices driving.
  • Cellbond Composites - Manufacturer of passive car safety, energy absorption, honeycomb components, crash automotive test barriers, vacuum tables, honeycomb sandwich panels, interior/exterior cladding and automotive optical tables.
  • Scroth Safety Products - Manufactures safety restraint harnesses and associated products.
  • Directed Electronics, Inc. - Manufactures car alarms and audio products.
  • TRW Inc. - A global company focused on providing active and automotive passive safety products, and services to the automotive automotive industry.
  • Sensible Solutions, LLC - Manufactures airbag on/off switches in virtually any car, truck or automotive van.
  • Vguard - GPS vehicle anti-theft system, uses AMPS nation-wide cellular safety devices network.
  • Autoliv, Inc. - Developer, manufacturer, and supplier of automotive safety systems, including air bags, seat belt devices, night vision, and improved seating.
  • Road Safety - Systems and software to ensure safe and efficient safety devices operation parts and accessories of motor vehicles, including products aimed at safety devices teen drivers parts and accessories and emergency vehicles.
  • Champion Rescue Tools - Manufacturers of hydraulic cutters, rams, and spreaders.
  • Tecnoblock Srl - Manufactures anti-theft devices and patented security systems for cars, campers, parts and accessories lorries, vans, trailers, semitrailers and earthmovers. From Italy.
  • Quantum Group - Manufactures carbon monoxide and smog detectors for cars automotive and RVs.
  • Powerlock Car Alarms - Manufactures car alarms and car security systems that automotive are impossible automotive to hotwire.
  • Safety Sentinel - Uses digital voice files and laser technology to alert a parts and accessories driver of hazardous proximity of vehicles in adjacent lanes.
  • RU2 Systems - Design and manufacture radar speed control signs and safety devices trailers, safety devices police radar trailers, school zone dolly signs, safety devices pole mounted safety devices signs, and homeowner/neighborhood signs.
  • A-Belt-Lin Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufactures safety seat belts, buckles, straps, shoulder pads, automotive tie downs, hooks, slings and rope.
  • Quanan Technology Ltd. - Car reversing aids includes digital display, computer and automotive sensors.

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