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Provides information, news, communication tools, links, data, and analysis for and about the original equipment auto and auto parts industries around the world.

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  • Advantage DataSystems - Provides automotive marketing, data and call center services along with related services direct professional sales on behalf of its clients.
  • Autodaq - Open online auction of fleets of used cars. business Auto dealers only, membership required.
  • Darryl's License Plate Restoration Services - Restore damaged license plates to original condition.
  • - Automotive Industry News and Information Portal--industry professionals can access up business to the minute Automotive News as well as over 70 business News sites around the world.
  • Just Auto - Online portal for the automotive industry that provides automotive industry related related services news and resources.
  • Cyclone Automotive - Provides finance department setup, GAP insurance, ADAM systems automotive computer software automotive and related services for automobile dealerships.
  • McKinsey Automotive & Assembly Sector Extranet - Offering access to automotive news and reports, a calendar of business worldwide events, links to hundreds of related sites, and insights business into tools and concepts McKinsey consultants use in their daily business practice.
  • by InterRegs - International regulations and standards information: automotive regulations, mobile construction equipment, automotive and non-road engine emissions.
  • Earl Scheib, Inc. - Offers auto paint jobs, warranties, and fleet painting automotive for cars, trucks and vans within the USA. automotive Based in Sherman Oaks, California.
  • HCI Group - Products and tools for doing business in the automotive industries of Europe, North America, South America and Asia.
  • Auto Central - Offers research reports, news and product updates for automotive professionals in the automotive manufacturing industry.
  • Auto Industry Portal - Provides information, news, communication tools, links, data, and analysis for business and about the original equipment auto and auto parts industries business around the world.
  • SmartDealerProducts - Markets aftermarket automotive dealer products and services to business dealers nationwide.
  • InterRegs - Technical publishers of regulatory and standards information, covering European and international regulations in all areas of automotive, mobile construction equipment and emissions from non-road engine manufacture.
  • Innovative Aftermarket Systems - Develops, markets, and provides administration for a wide automotive variety of related services products for General Agents and automobile automotive dealerships.
  • Allete - A diversified holding company with businesses in the U.S. and Canada, primarily in the automotive services sector and in energy. Based in Duluth, Minnesota. (NYSE: ALE).
  • Automobile Protection Corp. - Offers vehicle service contracts. Includes service and motorsport sponsorship information.
  • Technical Topics - Authors of technical and diagnostic materials for the motor industry. Includes details of training and subscription services.
  • Xenophya Design - UK business specialises in motorcycle concept design, product planning and clay modeling. Includes brochure information, multimedia and advertising.
  • Motor Age Magazine - Trade publication for the import and domestic automotive business service aftermarket. business The information provided includes technical repair business features, factory bulletins and business training resources.
  • DriverShield Corp - Brokers auto repair and management services to insurance related services companies. Also offers car-related service packages to consumers. related services (Nasdaq: DRVR).
  • AutoLinkers.Com - System enables dealers to locate and purchase used related services vehicles from one another.
  • Quantum Data Services - The Industry Leader in Electronic Catalog Data Services--provides automotive electronic catalog automotive data products and services to the automotive automotive industry.
  • All Data - Provider of diagnostic, repair and estimating information to the professional automotive service industry.
  • Metal Tech - A constituent of companies dedicated to the automobile industry. related services Working for various types of services for all type of related services vehicles, from customised fabrication and related activities to bullet proofing related services and fabrication of special purpose vehicles.
  • R. L. O'Connor & Associates, Inc. - automotive mechanical repair management resource company in North business America and home of the Bottom-Line Impact Groups.
  • AutoTradeCenter - Forum for auto dealers to buy and sell automotive cars directly with other dealers, lease companies, banks, automotive and fleet or rental companies.

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