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Professional production of messages on hold. Inexpensive honest discussion of what you really need. Since 1996. Over 20 years of experience in copy writing, radio and television production, and retail sales.

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  • Loftin Productions - Audio post suite for television, film, radio, corporate, audio and industrial audiovisual projects. Original concepts in producing audio music and sound effects audiovisual that we call Hypnotronic.
  • Rolling "R" Productions - Professional production of messages on hold. Inexpensive honest audio discussion of audio what you really need. Since 1996. audio Over 20 years of audio experience in copy writing, audio radio and television production, and retail audio sales.
  • Boutwell Studios - Located in Alabama, uses the web to open audiovisual their doors to the entire world. With traditional audiovisual advertising methods (print, CD ROM\\'s) being cost prohibitive audiovisual to reach potential customers on a national level.
  • Deadly Productions - Offers full range of audio production services. Quite animated site audiovisual based in London UK.
  • Hark Productions - Audio production services for advertising, entertainment or instructional media.
  • Sarley, Bigg & Bedder - Writers and producers of highly awarded humorous radio audio commercials.
  • KC Enterprises - Audio production for radio and television, multimedia and audio web site, automated telephone systems and on-hold messaging.
  • Rick Audio - Peterson\\'s audio production, currently heard in markets nationwide offers a full range of audio services for radio and television. Free sound effects available for download.
  • - Audio engineer specializing in audio and music for audiovisual video, film, audiovisual and multimedia including playstation, N64 and audiovisual pc cdrom.
  • Coupe Studios - A Boulder, Colorado music and sound service providing original music, production sweetening, recording, mixing, editing and duplication, among other services.
  • Kellogg-Rice Commercial Audio - Radio and television commercials to assemble and deliver during TV audio Sweeps In an hour or less. Delivery included.
  • ARS Corporate and Commercial Audio - Audio production studio for custom jingles, creative radio audiovisual commercials and audio music on hold systems and production. audiovisual Also offering commercial audio audio production, CD mastering, and audiovisual sub-contracting for record labels.
  • Audio Links - Simultaneous interpreting and equipment, tape transcription, voice-overs and audiovisual narration, studios production and sound engineers, lip sync and audiovisual dubbing.
  • Wave Group Sound - Full service audio production, sound design and mixing.
  • GameBeat, Inc. - Original music, sound effects, voiceover, web audio and production A/V sync for the advertising, marketing, TV and production motion picture industries.
  • Global Broadcasting.Net - Streaming audio and video experts specializing in audio content for production the web. Production facilities and announcers also available.
  • FM Systems - Sound reinforcement company, founded in 1985, that specializes production in audio production rentals and full production services.

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