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Short run CD duplication with full color printing and packaging. Also offer audio cassette and video cassette duplication. Ohio based.

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  • IMC Optical - Duplication and Replication Services. Site displays various available duplication packages and duplication pricing.
  • Penridge Tele-Video - Video duplication and supply of all forms of magnetic media. VHS cassettes all video recording formats. CDR and CD-RW. CD and DVD duplication. United Kingdom.
  • Ahlmedia - VHS, CD-ROM and DVD duplication, replication and related recordings services. Itemized pricing, templates, and FAQs page.
  • Media Alliance, Inc. (MAI) - Video and CD-ROM duplication. Also, graphic design, packaging and fulfillment.
  • Cassette Duplication Services (CDS) - Complete audio, video and compact disc duplication services with no duplication minimum order requirements.
  • Kloss Studios Co. Inc. - Audio, video and CD duplication. Also blank tapes, audiovisual professional recording, labels, j-cards, and packaging.
  • Disc Services - CD Audio, CD ROM, DVD, CDR and diskette duplication and duplication replication services. San Diego, CA.
  • Canadian Cassette Manufacturing - CD and CD-ROM duplication, audio and video cassette duplication and blanks, design and graphics.
  • Lonely Records - CD, DVD, and cassette duplication services. Describes printing recordings and packaging options, as well as graphic design recordings guidelines.
  • Dub-It - A full service video, CD-ROM, and DVD duplication duplication company based in LA, NY and Florida.
  • Karol Media - Audio, video, and CD duplication, graphic design, printing, warehousing, and fulfillment services. Educational media sales.
  • Telecopy Inc. - A full service CD, DVD and Video duplication recordings and replication duplication company.
  • DVDRite - Duplication of videotapes, DVDs, video CDs, and CD duplication ROMs. Also, internet services.
  • Duplicate This - Optical media duplication. Provides all formats of CD recordings replication or duplication CD-R duplication, high volume requirements are recordings a speciality.
  • DVD Replication Services - Full service DVD replication company based in LA, audiovisual NY and audiovisual Florida - Dub-it.com.
  • Media Technology Inc. - Full service CD, CD-R and DVD replication and audiovisual duplication for musicians, record labels, and large and audiovisual small businesses.
  • Multi-Media Duplication, Inc. - Multimedia duplication including video, CD, and CD-R. Also, recordings CD replication and DVD packing manufacturer.
  • GF MediaCorp Homepage - Specializing VHS, VideoCD, CDs and DVD duplication and recordings packaging.
  • The CD Duplicator - Competitively priced short run duplication of audio and data CD-Rs.
  • S & J CD Duplication, Inc. - Offers CD replication and manufacturing services.
  • Audiomaster - CD audio mastering services, including album, single and duplication EP.
  • Oasis - Provides CD duplication and distribution services.
  • Disc In The City - Short run CD and DVD duplication services. Displays templates and duplication pricing.
  • CD Technical - Optical media replication and duplication services. Price calculator and templates.
  • Adaptatech - Duplication and replication services for CD, DVD, VHS duplication and other duplication media.
  • Houston Video Copies - A Houston based company that offers duplication services recordings for VHS, recordings DVD, and CD.
  • Scott's Video Transfer - Film and video transfer services. Duplication services.
  • Immodicus Digital Media Services - CD/DVD creation, conversion, duplication, and distribution services described. Photos of audiovisual packaging displayed.
  • Custom Video - Professional video duplication, custom printing and packaging, foreign audiovisual video standards conversions.
  • Media Management Services - A full service media duplication and packaging company offering audio audiovisual duplication, CD replication, DVD authoring, DVD replication, video duplication and audiovisual fulfillment services.
  • Hi-Fi Copies - Vinyl pressing services. CD and DVD duplication and recordings replicationand services. Site offers package deal pricing and recordings description of services.
  • Armadillo Digital Audio - Offers CD, DVD and cassette duplication and replication services. Printing duplication and shipping services available.
  • Amtech - Video cassette duplication and DVD replication services, as recordings well as design and printing, blank media, and recordings mastering.
  • Video Labs - Offers DVD, CD, VHS, and audio cassette duplication audiovisual services. Also duplication offers business card CDs, foreign conversion, audiovisual and blank tapes and duplication supplies.
  • Dove Enterprises - Short run CD duplication with full color printing audiovisual and packaging. Also offer audio cassette and video audiovisual cassette duplication. Ohio based.
  • Coptech Inc - Offers CD and DVD duplicate services. Includes graphic design templates and ordering information.
  • Broad Reach Media - CD replication, audio cassette duplication, DVD copies, packaging, labels, printing, duplication and fulfillment services.
  • Precision Transfer Technologies - Provides VHS, CD-ROM and DVD duplication services, DVD authoring, closed captioning, standards conversion and broadcast duplication.
  • Vermont Duplication - Complete duplication services, replication, design, insert printing, and marketing
  • Business Replication and Print, Inc. - Compact disc replication including CD, DVD, CD-R, business recordings card CDs, and custom shaped CDs. Also, CD recordings related printing and packaging services.
  • The Tape Factory - Specializes in Videotape and audio cassette duplication and conversion.
  • Green Solutions - Complete video duplication and CD replication utilizing plants duplication throughout the US.
  • High-Tech Productions - Duplicator of DVD, CD-ROM, and VHS. On-line store audiovisual offers duplication variety of blank media and supplies.

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