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Transfer of 8mm and 16mm home movie films, slides and photos to video. Video transfer, video duplication, conversions and editing. Located in Houston, Texas.

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  • Reel 2 Reel 2 CD Transfer - Transfers reel to reel tapes, cassette tapes, records, restoration and conversion audiovisual slides and photos to CD.
  • - Conversion and duplication of videos in PAL and recordings NTSC. Formats include VHS, CD-R, and DVD.
  • Thumbprints Multimedie Inc. - Super8 and 8mm movie film to Digital Video recordings (DV), DVD and VHS. Digital restoration and color recordings correction. Based in Alberta, Canada.
  • Pennylane Video - Video production company available for weddings and other audiovisual events. Details recordings of various formats converted and copied audiovisual along with production services recordings and contact details.
  • RGB Corporation - Specializes in the restoration, mastering, and transfer of audiovisual old and obsolete video tape to any modern audiovisual format.
  • Big Egg Media - Multimedia and conversion service website that offers video audiovisual tape transfer audiovisual to DVD. Also offers web design, audiovisual video editing and DVD audiovisual authoring. Based in Adelaide, audiovisual South Australia.
  • Jacksonville video production - Easy Edit Video is a video production company who specialize in DVD creation, video duplication and transfers. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
  • Createc - Photograph and negative restoration and transfer service to digital formats including CD and video. Based in New York.
  • Memory Lane Productions - Video editing, film transfer to video or DVD using photos, restoration and conversion 35-mm slides, movie film, home video, and other types of restoration and conversion memorabilia.
  • Slides2disk - Professional scanning of slides, negatives and cine. Also restoration and conversion recordings as a slideshow which can be viewed on restoration and conversion recordings television via DVD.
  • Master Computer and Video Productions - Video formats converted to DVD. Film, slides, photos recordings and BETA recordings converted to video and CD-ROM business recordings card production.
  • XERO Digital - Wedding videographers located in Ontario, Canada. Transfers home video to DVD.
  • Sony Media Services - Repair, recovery, copying, and conversion of most videotape restoration and conversion formats.
  • Time Warp Video Transfer, Inc. - Professional transfer of photos, slides, and 8mm/Super8 film to video.
  • DV Color - Video image digital optimization and processing solutions. Archiving audiovisual providers for audiovisual audiovisual productions to reduce storage and audiovisual transmission needs.
  • DVD Video Solutions - Specializing in video to DVD conversions using the restoration and conversion restoration and conversion Spruce Maestro system. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Precious Voices - Transfers audiotapes, reel-to-reel, or records to audio CD. restoration and conversion restoration and conversion Also provides audiotape repair.
  • greatbear - High quality transfer of old or obsolete audio audiovisual and video recordings to CD and DVD.
  • The Editing Suite - Professional full consultation transfer and editing of your home movies and camcorder tapes to DVD.
  • All Video & Audio Transfer Service - Restoration and transfer to DVD of old family audiovisual films, audiotapes recordings and floodwater damaged videotapes. Serving all audiovisual 50 states since 1984.
  • VideoComm Technologies International, Inc. - Transfer of 8mm and 16mm home movie films, slides and photos to video. Video transfer, video duplication, conversions and editing. Located in Houston, Texas.
  • - High resolution transfer of movie film to Digital restoration and conversion Video (DV) archives. Super 8 and 8mm Color restoration and conversion Movie Film specialists.
  • Classic Conversions - Offers transfers from older media types including, Super audiovisual 8, 16mm restoration and conversion and 8mm film to VHS and audiovisual DVD, as well as restoration and conversion camcorder tape transfers. Rutherford, audiovisual New Jersey, USA.
  • Stew-Arts Multi-Media - Offers full video tape restoration and transfer to DVD.
  • Integrated Imaging - Provides home movie film to video transfer service. audiovisual Includes audiovisual list of services offered, ordering information audiovisual and address.
  • Chroma Services - Chroma Services offers professional multimedia services specializing in video and recordings audio conversion. Based in Canada.
  • Xepa Digital - Offers duplication, restoration and transfer services for all restoration and conversion recordings formats of audio and video including now "extinct" restoration and conversion recordings formats such as 2" Quad video.
  • Photoplays film transfers - Telecine transfer of Regular 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film to DVD, MiniDV and Hard Drive. Sound or silent film. Fully customized DVDs available. Located in Toronto, Canada.
  • Sonic Perfectionists - Providing High-End audiophile quality LP to CD and Tape to recordings CD conversions. Also providing service and modification to tube audio recordings equipment and Open Reel Tape Equipment.
  • Moments on DVD - Video transfer service for most video tape formats recordings to DVD. Also accepts overseas formats. Based in recordings Alberta, Canada.
  • Liquid Thunder Productions - Offers video productions of weddings and special events, DVD authoring recordings and format conversion.
  • Novato Video Transfer - Suite of services include film to video and DVD, photo to video and CDs and video format conversions.
  • Team Audio - Cleans-up, enhances, and improves poor quality audio and video from a wide variety of sources, for law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system to use in court.
  • CVC Productions, AVConvert Division - Quality audio and video conversions and restoration. See audiovisual pricing and audiovisual contact information.
  • Video Conversion Mail-In Kit - Kit allows mailing in of videos for standards restoration and conversion recordings conversion. The work is done by VideoPros.
  • Sound Fixer - Transfer LPs, cassettes and reels to CD. Transfer restoration and conversion recordings video to DVD or web formats. Personalized service, restoration and conversion recordings based in San Francisco, California.
  • Film to DVD Transfers - Film Transfer Service based in Santa Barbara, California. audiovisual Film digitization to DVD. Also from video tape audiovisual formats.
  • Frame Discreet - Uncompressed transfer services scanning films one frame at restoration and conversion a time. 8mm and 16mm film transfers to restoration and conversion DVD, MiniDV, DVCAM and Hard Drives. Based in restoration and conversion Toronto, Canada.
  • Toronto Home Movies - Home Movie transfer service. Converts 8mm and 16mm films to audiovisual DVD. Also video formats to DVD. Based in Toronto, Canada.
  • - A service for transferring LP records and cassettes recordings to CD. Sound is cleaned to remove noise recordings disturbances before transfer to CD.
  • LP2CD Solutions - Vinyl LP and cassette tape transfer and restoration service based in USA.
  • Custom Video Productions - DVD duplication and replication with retail Ready Packaging. audiovisual Also film transfers, photo montages, multimedia 3-D Animation audiovisual and video projector presentations.
  • CineNostalgia - Film conversion company based in Cardiff, Wales. Slides recordings and photographs converted to video or CD.
  • Summer DVD - Video to DVD transfer service. Formats include VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8 and MiniDV. Based in Arizona, USA.
  • - Video cassette transfers to DVD and computer files, audiovisual audio tapes to CD. Based in Plymouth, Devon.
  • Video Conversion Experts - Provides full digital restoration service for your old audiovisual 8mm, super8 audiovisual or 16mm film.
  • Time and Again Productions - Preserves old photos, letters, sound recordings and more restoration and conversion recordings by transferring them to CD-ROM or VHS videotape.

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