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For public speakers based in Virginia who speak primarily to corporate bodies.

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  • Pat Weber: Professional Strategies Inc. - Offers personal coaching, teleclasses, online email courses and virginia on-site workshops. north america Workshop topics include "Selling With an virginia Unfair Advantage" and "Delivering north america Presentations That Get Results virginia ".
  • Warren Tyler - Topics include motivation, sales education and productivity.
  • CindyWorld Communications - Trainer, speaker and coach offers technical training and motivational topics.
  • The Steven Gaffney Company - Provides keynotes, seminars and consulting services that teach virginia strategies north america and techniques for effective communication. Arlington.
  • Ed and Joy Fisher-Sykes - Keynotes on leadership skills, diversity, teamwork and customer service virginia as well as training programs and personal coaching.
  • Ray Strackbein - Addresses the information age, how to prepare for virginia the changes united states involved and the use of virginia networking.
  • Christine Holton Cashen - Keynote speaker uses humor to emphasize topics such virginia as team virginia work, creative thinking and communication.

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