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Articles, learning tools and a bi-weekly newsletter offering tips in creating PowerPoint presentations. Seminars, an e-course and an e-book also available.

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  • The Burt Dubin Speaking Success System - Offers a course and consultations for those who education and training wish to become professional public speakers.
  • The Leader's Institute - Offers seminars and programs on speaking and making presentations successfully communications throughout the United States, Canada and western Europe.
  • Public Speaking Skills - In-house corporate training and public seminars on presentation skills development, PowerPoint presentations design, business writing and customer service. Chester Springs, Pennsylvania; Irvine, California, and Wolfsburg, Germany.
  • English without Accent - A method to reduce a foreign accent over communications the internet communications by a licensed speech and language communications pathologist.
  • Kerry O'Hallaron: 1Public Speaking Gold Mine - Home study course includes a CD training program, communications resource and reference guide and workbook to become communications a speaker.
  • PresentersForum - Offers resources with analysis, courses and articles.
  • Presentation Helper - Resources on how to make effective presentations. communications Includes tips on PowerPoint and topic ideas.
  • The Communication Academy - Communication and presentation skills training to improve professional education and training education and training communication, customer service and sales. Pretoria, South education and training education and training Africa.
  • The Lefkoe Institute - Details about telephone sessions that can help to communications eliminate the public speaking fear of public speaking. A free communications four lesson course is public speaking also available.
  • Communicate Using Technology - Articles, learning tools and a bi-weekly newsletter offering communications tips in public speaking creating PowerPoint presentations. Seminars, an communications e-course and an public speaking e-book also available.
  • Talk Like A Pro - Offers audiotapes and books that teach correct speaking techniques.
  • Instant Public Speaking Success - Steps to public speaking perfection offered by subscription.
  • Maria Davies: The Natural Marketing System - Presentation skills training and workshops. East Sussex, United Kingdom communications and Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
  • Craig Strachan - Articles, training courses and seminars on how to communications become a public speaker. Includes biography, testimonials and communications photos. Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Professionalspeaker - Coaching and training for a professional speaking career, education and training articles and a shop. Private members' area available.
  • PresentationsTraining - Offers presentation training and public speaking seminars in public speaking several states.

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