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Music combined with humorous keynote programs and workshops for those in the health care fields, as well as programs specifically for women. Raleigh, North Carolina.

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  • Sajeela Cormack: Life Architects Pty™ Ltd. - Provides life coaching, mentoring, NLP training and conscious health and wellness public speaking health seminars. Narrabeen, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Linda Ockwell-Jenner - Speaker and author uses her "6 Steps for communications Living With Life\\'s Challenges" as a basis for communications health and wellness talks. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
  • David Hall Center for Cellular Health - Motivational keynote speaker offers presentations to inspire physical, communications mental, spiritual health and wellness and emotional wellbeing. Vancouver, Washington.
  • Dr. Michael Brickey: The Ageless Lifestyles Institute - This anti-aging psychologist gives keynotes and seminars to develop attitudes, communications beliefs, and coping skills that create shifts in beliefs about communications the self and aging. Columbus, Ohio.
  • Mal Wilson - Talks about his journey from heart attack and quadruple bypass to competitive marathon runner. Australia.
  • Deb Bixler - Teaches lifestyle and diet seminars and workshops as well as communications training for direct sales and MLM professionals. Includes presentation details, communications articles and videos.
  • Patricia Cameron-Hill and Shayne Yates - Conference presentations, workshops, public seminars and DVD and communications video training health and wellness programs provide strategies for resisting and communications reducing stress. Victoria, Australia health and wellness and Wellington, New Zealand communications contact details.
  • Jenny Herrick - Offers humorous presentations on health, wellness and humor health and wellness communications in the workplace, for meetings and conferences. Sioux health and wellness communications City, Iowa.
  • Dr. Martin Collis - Speaks on personal and professional wellness. Victoria, communications British Columbia, health and wellness Canada.
  • Cheri Britton: Whetstone Consultations - Group facilitator for health and human services agencies develops programs that re-energize staff. Topics include "Reading the Map Your Patients Give You" and "Renewal for the Stressed-Out Professional". Asheville, North Carolina.
  • Rhonda Gates: Lifestyles Programs - Speaks on topics including weight management, exercise, diet, health and wellness medicines and food for a healthy lifestyle. Lake health and wellness Oswego, Oregon.
  • Dr. Mayer L. Horensten: The Longevity Doctor - Presents keynotes and seminars on becoming healthier with public speaking less health and wellness healthcare costs. Includes biography, keynote and seminar public speaking details, and health and wellness articles.
  • John Bell Training - A speaker with special knowledge of the health public speaking care communications and pharmaceutical sectors; team building, receptionist public speaking skills training, communications CDs and books. Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.
  • Deb Gauldin - Music combined with humorous keynote programs and workshops for those health and wellness in the health care fields, as well as programs specifically health and wellness for women. Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Gordon Rouston - "My Mind Has a Mind of Its Own" communications author and public speaking motivational speaker deals with the issues communications of addiction, substance abuse public speaking and recovery. Virginia.
  • Dr. Tim Porter: O’Grady Associates - A presenter and speaker on topics related to health and wellness public speaking health leadership and the future. Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Julia Balzer Riley - This keynote speaker motivates nurses and other health care professionals through her seminars. Ellenton, Florida.
  • Jody Urquhart: I Do Inspire - Health care keynotes and seminars on topics such as "The public speaking Joy of Work", "Daring to be Caring" and "All Work public speaking and No Say". Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Claire Diab - Speaks on the blending of Eastern philosophies, and methods of communications channeling the power of mind and body for business and communications modern day life. West Orange, New Jersey.
  • Mellanie True Hills - Health speaker, author and coach working to create healthy, productive workplaces. Greenwood, Texas.
  • Elodia Tate - This author speaks on the topics of natural health, diversity and humor, and also offers coaching. Modesto, California.
  • Susan Keane Baker - Presenter and trainer on managing patient expectations and customer service health and wellness quality for health care organizations. New Canaan, Connecticut.
  • Martin Lesperance - A keynote speaker with humorous presentations on the public speaking topic public speaking of safety in the workplace. Alberta, Canada.
  • Rosalie Moscoe: Health in Harmony - This wellness consultant is available for presentations, keynote health and wellness addresses and seminars. Ontario, Canada.
  • Marla Simpson - A speaker, writer and advocate for adult children of divorce. health and wellness California.
  • Rami Seth - Talks about his experiences as an Indian in England, English communications language, his travels and experiences as a doctor. Nottingham, United communications Kingdom.
  • Rick Blatter - Speaks on fitness and wellness, overcoming adversity and communications living a health and wellness successful life. Laval, Québec, Canada.
  • Betty Rollin - This NBC correspondent and author of "Last Wish" communications and "First, You Cry", lectures on death with communications dignity, women\\'s health issues, breast cancer and mastectomy. communications New York, New York.
  • Dr. Stephen Brecher - Speaks on the evolution and current status of antibiotic resistance, public speaking infection control and the pneumococcus. Massachusetts.
  • Dr. Diane - This health psychologist is a survivor of two public speaking traumatic communications brain injuries. Topics include "The Undiagnosed Brain public speaking Injury" and communications "Methods of Dealing with Difficult Patients". public speaking Georgetown, Massachusetts.
  • Eva Marsh - A speaker who also holds workshops regarding her communications recovery from multiple sclerosis. Copetown, Ontario, Canada.
  • Diane Sieg - Keynote speaker and author delivers a message on the importance health and wellness of life balance and self care, especially for health care health and wellness meetings and professional events. Includes video, information on retreats and health and wellness products and coaching details. Denver, Colorado.
  • Dr. Bernoff Dahl: PathQuest, Inc. - Provides keynotes, workshops and consulting, based on ventures inside and outside of the health care industry. Winterport, Maine.
  • Blair Lewis: Alive and Healthy Institute - Keynotes and seminars on topics such as ayurveda and integrative medicine, and products. Includes mission statement, alternative health articles and biography. Bethany, Pennsylvania.
  • Dr. Karen Purcell - Speaks on natural health topics, the improvement of health and wellness communications life and lifestyle, and on aging. New York, health and wellness communications New York.
  • Dr John Parker - A keynote and after-dinner speaker on aspects of communications health and wellbeing, with a focus on the communications latest research on the mind/body connection. Queensland, Australia.
  • Pat Casello - This holistic practitioner and speaker holds Target Practice workshops and communications seminars, designed for caregivers, and for all those who desire communications a healthier, happier life. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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