Netherlands Europe Multiple Language Translation

Translation from Dutch, English, French and German into Dutch or English, in the business, administration and environment fields, as well as technical and legal.

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  • Jason Translation Services - Bureau with over 450 subcontractors. Based in the Netherlands.
  • Amtec Dutch Translation and Localization - Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, offers technical translation and localization services into Dutch from English, German, French, Japanese and Russian.
  • Double Dutch - [Flash needed] Translation in English and Dutch, based multiple language in netherlands the Netherlands.
  • Noorderlicht Translation Agency - Translation in almost all languages. All texts checked multiple language by native speakers.
  • EBT - Translation in Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Finnish.
  • Schouten Translation Services - Technical translation and editing in all languages. Bureau based in the Netherlands.
  • Translation Office - Translation, proofreading and copywriting in 35 languages, in netherlands the legal, netherlands nautical, commercial, financial and technical fields.
  • Vertaalbureau S Brouwer - [Flash needed] Translation in all West-European languages.
  • Gobchai Kongsangchai - Translation of official documents in Thai and Dutch, netherlands based in Amsterdam.
  • Tedopres International - Technical translation and localization in over 40 languages. Company based in the Netherlands, with an office in the United States.
  • Wilkens c.s. - Holland translation company maintaining a worldwide network of multiple language translators. europe Member of OVIN.
  • Isabella Massardo - Translation from English and Dutch to Italian in netherlands the technical, medical and advertising fields.
  • Akebono Translation Service - Translation primarily in English, Japanese and Dutch.
  • Vertaalbureau Language Unlimited - Translation into English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
  • The Language Lab - Translation for international business. Site mostly in Dutch.
  • Vertaal- en Lay-out Service Zwanenberg - Translation from English, Italian and German to Dutch. multiple language Based in the Netherlands.
  • Chez Natasha - Translation and copywriting in English and French.
  • Multitaal - [Flash needed] Translation company based in Landsmeer, Netherlands.
  • The Language Lab Translations - Translation in a variety of languages. Company based in the Netherlands with outsourced services.
  • Ottenhof Automatisering - Translation, localisation and DTP.
  • Schurgers Translations - Translation from Dutch, English, French and German into Dutch or europe English, in the business, administration and environment fields, as well europe as technical and legal.
  • STV Translations - Translation of advertising and promotional texts. Agency based in Amsterdam with offices elsewhere.
  • Aalten Vertaalbureau - Translation from Indonesian, English, German into Dutch. Based europe in the Netherlands.
  • Translocal - [Flash needed] Translation in German, English and Dutch, europe based in europe the Netherlands.
  • Condor Text - Translation of English, French and Portuguese to Dutch, based in europe Maastricht.
  • Tekstoj - Translation in English, Dutch and Esperanto.
  • Big Ben Translations - Dutch translation agency for all languages and fields.
  • TechText - Translation, copywriting and training in all Western European europe languages.
  • Vietnamese translators - Translation in the Vietnamese language
  • PLS Professional Language Services - Translation for the financial, legal and energy fields.

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