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A partnership of two highly experienced professional translators working from English, German, Danish and Swedish into Norwegian. Specialise in market communication and various technical subject areas.

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Per M. Bergvall* - Translation from English, German, Swedish and Danish to Norwegian in the IT, automotive and general fields. Article about VAT for freelancers.

  • Itext - Translation. Agency based in Trondheim, Norway. Bilingual web norway site.
  • Tripod Translations - Translates text English into Norwegian, Swedish into Norwegian norway and Danish norway into Norwegian in the automotive, technical norway and IT-related fields.
  • LinguaLab - LinguaLab offers translation, proofreading and editing of texts norway from Norwegian, norway Swedish and Danish to English and norway from Swedish, Danish and norway English into Norwegian.
  • Morten Nærbøe Translations - Translation in English, Danish to Norwegian, in computer europe and technical fields. Multilingual site.
  • JEC Scandinavia as - Translation, technical writing, editing and proof-reading English / Norwegian / German
  • Johan Eide - Translation from English, German, Swedish or Danish to Norwegian.
  • Avatar - Translation from English, Swedish and Danish into Norwegian.
  • Camilla Larsen Språktjenester - Translations from English, German, Swedish and Danish into multiple language Norwegian
  • FAMM Translation Services - Translate technical subject matters such as software and documentation
  • VikingTranslations - A partnership of two highly experienced professional translators norway working from norway English, German, Danish and Swedish into norway Norwegian. Specialise in market norway communication and various technical norway subject areas.
  • Netrom - Translation from English, Danish and norway Swedish into native Norwegian.
  • HETRA - Translations from English, German and French to Norwegian; and from Norwegian to German and French
  • In Fidem Translation - Translation from English and Swedish into Norwegian.
  • NordicTranslation - Translation from English, Swedish and Danish into Norwegian.
  • Fidotext And Aber Schnell! Translation - Translation between English, German, and the Scandinavian languages.
  • PolarText - Translation services from English, German and Danish into Norwegian.
  • Norsk Språkservice - Professional Norwegian translators. Translation to and from English, Danish, German, multiple language French, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • You name it - A native Norwegian translator - When Entering the europe Norwegian Market
  • Norsk2English Translations - Norwegian to English translations. Specialists in legal, financial norway and commercial documents.
  • Ivo Spira - Interpreting and Translation: Arabic, Czech, English, German and Norwegian
  • H. Nilsen Statsaut.translatør - Professional translation into Norwegian and Danish
  • Språk og Oversettingstjeneste - Translations from German into Norwegian and from Norwegian into German, multiple language as well as from English, Danish and Swedish into Norwegian. multiple language Also proof-reading of Norwegian and German texts.
  • Comprendo language services - Interpreting and translation services. In-house translators in Spanish, Russian and norway English. Conference-, police- and legal interpreting.
  • Samtext - Translation in English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and europe other languages.
  • Anglo Språkgivning - Offers translations and other language services between English europe and Norwegian.
  • Tolk 24 - Translation and interpreter services - Tolk 24 is a translation agency that offers translation services norway in more than 60 languages
  • Datadok - Translation agency based in Norway.
  • Norsk To Polish Translations - Professional translation from Norwegian to Polish.
  • Scandinavia Translations - Corporate translation service for Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish
  • Sally's Translations - Supplies translation, editing and web promotion for Norwegian multiple language and europe English documents with financial or technical content
  • INK Norge AS - Translation and localisation from and into Norwegian. europe Agency based europe in Oslo, Norway.
  • TransOnline - Translation in English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

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