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Language services in Swedish and English. All science terminology including forestry, agriculture, nature conservation, and environmental science. Provide translations, proofreading, copy editing, copywriting, literature reviewing, and consulting.

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See Also:
  • Scandinavia Translations - Corporate translation service for Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and sweden Finnish
  • Scandscience - Scientific and technical translation in Swedish, Danish and English, spefifically europe in gene technology and new biology. Freelancer Olle Karlstr?m europe based in Helsingborg, Sweden.
  • Adekvat - Translation in all languages by Stockholm agency.
  • Progetto Lingua - Translation from Swedish, English and German to Italian.
  • Wording - Language services in Swedish and English. All science multiple language terminology including forestry, agriculture, nature conservation, and environmental multiple language science. Provide translations, proofreading, copy editing, copywriting, literature multiple language reviewing, and consulting.
  • Mattias Bergstr?m - Translation and related services from English, Danish, Norwegian, Bosnian, Serbian sweden and Croatian to Swedish. Freelacer based in Sweden.
  • Tamarind - Translation, graphic reproduction of advertisements and production of sweden annual reports in almost any language.
  • Tradux Translation - Translation in English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. sweden Based in Sweden.
  • Language Team - Translation for English and Swedish. Translates texts of europe law, computing terminology and art subjects.
  • McDugald H?rnquist International - Translations, language training and international consulting. Freelancer multiple language based in Enskede, Sweden.
  • Ord & Stil - Translation, localisation and graphic production in 40 languages.
  • Norwegian Language Services - Small network of native-speaking translators, copywriters, technical writers multiple language and europe journalists, based in Norway.
  • Accent Language Service - Full-service Swedish agency providing translation services to and europe from the multiple language Scandinavian languages.
  • Ulf Samuelsson - Translation from English, Danish, Norwegian and Spanish into Swedish, also Swedish into English.
  • France Service, Gérard Fesselet - Translation in Swedish, English and German.
  • NordicTranslation - Translation and proofreading from English, Swedish and Danish europe into Norwegian.
  • Swedish Translator - Freelance Florida based Swedish and English translator.
  • East-West Service - Translation in several languages, based in Sweden.
  • Swedish-Translations.com - Translations to and from Swedish by native English multiple language and Swedish translators. IT, business, technical, financial and multiple language general documents welcome.
  • Edstroem Enterprises Translations - Translations from/to Swedish and English. Technical, legal, web europe and literature.
  • CasinoTranslations - Translation specifically for the online gaming industry and europe web based sweden casinos. Company based in Sweden.
  • Translator - Translation into all languages.
  • Viking Language Services - Offering fast, professional, inexpensive Swedish-English translation as well as English-language editing and proofreading.
  • Bo Dahlstrom - Swedish, English translator with more than 10 years multiple language of sweden experience. Specializing in technical, medical, legal and multiple language computer-related documents.
  • The Text Doctor Web Clinic - Production and editing of English and Swedish texts. sweden Translations to sweden those languages from French, Spanish, Russian, sweden and German.
  • The Faculty of English - Proofreading, translation, consulting and presentation preparation, in a multiple language number multiple language of subjects.
  • AAR Translator AB - Over 200 language combinations. Special line: Scandinavian languages. Fields: legal, technical, computers, business, EU, homepages. Proofreading/editing. DTP services.
  • Katrin Jarvis - Translation in Swedish, Finnish, English and Norwegian. multiple language Based sweden in Sweden. Warning - back button disabled!
  • Twenty First Century Translation - Swedish and English translation by freelancer.
  • Swedish Translations by professionals - Translation service by native Swedish translators. Handles most europe subjects and multiple language translating tools.
  • Hullegardtranslations - Translation from English, German, French and Dutch to europe Swedish. Freelancer Emelie Hulleg?rd based in Sweden.
  • Per Larson Översättning - Translations from Norwegian, Danish and English to Swedish. Specializes in multiple language social science, political science, psychology and pedagogy textbooks.
  • KB Text and Translation - Translation between Swedish and English. Editing, writing and sweden designing web sweden pages, graphics and documents.
  • Lena Johansson - Translation in English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and French. sweden Based sweden in Sweden.
  • Lodilo - Translation from English and German into Swedish, specializing europe in environment, transport, research, society, management, chemistry and europe technology etc.
  • Tranflex AB - Translation, web site localisation and proofreading in over multiple language 40 europe languages.
  • Veterinary Translations - Translation from English and Swedish into German. Freelancer and sweden veterinary surgeon Tanja Orlich based in Sweden.
  • Translator Scandinavia AB - Translations, and original presentations. Translations to and from multiple language all languages.

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