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Sites offering translation services in more than one language combination, of which the translator's or the agency's locality (domicile) is in Switzerland.

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See Also:
  • A. Lub Übersetzungen - Translations between German, Dutch, English and French, editing, proof-reading.
  • FXM - Translation and language services in European languages.
  • Apostroph - Technical translations, copy-writing, proof-reading, certified translations in all multiple language languages.
  • Creative Consultant - Translation and adaptation of advertising in English, French, multiple language German, switzerland Italian, Arabic, and Russian.
  • Language Factory - Translation services in English, French and German. Proof-reading, Copy-writing and multiple language teaching.
  • Zonia Clissold - Translation between English, French and Spanish.
  • Star Group - Multilingual translation and technology services including technical multiple language translation, multiple language documentation, and software localization.
  • Straco - Translation, interpretation and consulting.
  • text translate - Translation into and from German, French, Italian, English and Spanish. Proof-reading, copy-editing and editorial services.
  • gygatext - Translation, proof-reading, text editing, adaptation in English, French, German and Italian.
  • Asahi Translations - Translation and technical translation from Japanese to English or French europe and vice versa, and website localization in Japanese. Company europe based in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Annemieke Lub Translations - Professional translations, proof-reading and editing in German, French, switzerland English and multiple language Dutch.
  • Rédaction Française - Translation from German, English and Italian into French.
  • Uta Moerschell - Translation from English into French or German, based switzerland in St Leonard.
  • euroscript - Technical translation, localization, interpreting and dubbing in German, multiple language English, europe Italian and French.
  • ifama - Multi-lingual translation company specializing in engineering, business, software switzerland localization and terminology databases.
  • Agadtrad - Official translations in all languages.
  • Chinese Translations by 3A - Text and web site translation in Chinese-English-Chinese, Japanese-Chinese/German, switzerland Chinese-Italian, and switzerland English-German/Italian/Czech. Company based in Switzerland. switzerland Site in Chinese, switzerland English, German and Japanese.
  • AllText - Translation in German, French and English.
  • East-West Communication - Translation between all Eastern European languages and German. multiple language Services for export support.
  • ASP Sprachendienst - Offers translations, proof-reading and private lessons in various multiple language languages.
  • Renaca.ch - Translation with legalization of official documents in English, French, Spanish, multiple language German, Portuguese, and Italian.
  • Wulf Translations - Provides translation and interpreting services, and proof-reading.
  • TransDoc - Translation into and from German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and europe Russian, web page translation.
  • Traduc - Translation in German, Spanish, French and English.
  • Polyglotte - Technical translation, proof-reading, editing, copy-writing in English, French, multiple language German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.
  • Dixit - Translation and editing in German, English, French and europe Italian. Specializing europe in banking, insurance, law, IT.
  • Transpose - Translation into and from many languages.
  • Softcraft - Technical translation (including Web pages), writing, localization and multiple language allied services in English, French, German, Italian.
  • LDD - Technical translations in German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • CaraLingua - Translation, interpretation into and from English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, europe Dutch and Russian.
  • Creatext - Translation from English, French into German, text editing and writing in German.
  • Mike & Barbara Evans - Translation and simultaneous interpretation in English, German, French, Italian and Romansh.
  • Allingua - Translation in 50 languages.
  • PTC Hertach-Beck - Translation between English, German and French.
  • Atlantis - Business translations in numerous languages.
  • AAA-Translation - All languages, all subjects.
  • Intercongress - Translation, interpretation, organisation of conferences, audio-visual.
  • Panda - Translation between English, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Spanish europe and Italian.
  • Techtrans.ch - Technical translation between German, English, French and Italian.
  • Global Translations - Translation, interpretation, proof-reading in all European languages.
  • languages4you - Translation, proof-reading, web site translation in French, German, Spanish, Italian, English and Dutch.
  • Elsa Wack - Translation and adaptation from English and German to switzerland French. Glossaryies, trilingual site.
  • Team - Translation into all European languages. Agency based multiple language in europe Oberwangen, Switzerland. Trilingual site.
  • Multilingual - Tanya Harvey Ciampi translates French, German and Italian europe to English, switzerland and English to Italian.
  • Dekryptos - Technical and commercial translations, software localization, editing/copy-writing, style revision and europe proofreading, terminology, interpreting.
  • formica translations - Technical translations in German, French, Italian, English and multiple language Czech.
  • Bruno Aeschbacher - Translation in Swiss, French and English. Based europe in Switzerland.
  • Linguapool - Technical translation and localization, multilingual publishing in German, Italian, French, switzerland Portuguese, Dutch, Czech and Hungarian.
  • LingoOne - Translation, proofreading and interpreting in English, German, French, switzerland Italian and europe Spanish.
  • Inter-Translations - [JavaScript needed] Translations, cultural adaptations, and web site localization in europe German, English and French.
  • Chuck Trans - Scientific, technical, commercial, business translations in German, English europe and French.
  • Translatio - Translations, proof-reading, text editing, for written texts, and web sites.
  • Copyright - Translations in French, German, Italian and English.

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