Arabic and English Single Language Translation Communications

This category is for sites offering translation from English to Arabic, from Arabic to English, and related services in Arabic and English only. Sites offering more than two languages are listed in the regional category under Multiple_Language.

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  • Soror Arabic Translation Services - Translation, sworn translation, interpreting and language teaching in Arabic-English-Arabic. single language Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Arabic Language & Translation Services - Translation, interpreting and media related services in English-Arabic. translation Company arabic and english based in Seattle, WA, United States.
  • Pacific Arabic Resources - Translation, DTP and teaching between Arabic and other arabic and english translation languages. Company based in San Francisco, CA, arabic and english translation United States, with an office in Bab al arabic and english translation Khoukha, Morocco. Short article on Arabic diglossa.
  • Shazly Arabic Translation - Translation in English-Arabic. Ahmed and Walaa Al-Shazly, a single language co-operative based in Egypt. Related software for single language download.
  • Mohammed Hussein - [Pop-ups] Translation and typesetting in Arabic-English. Freelancer based in unknown location.
  • Makki Translations - Translation, interpreting and media related services in Arabic-English. Mansour Makki, freelancer based in Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • ArabLinguist - Translation, interpreting, DTP and ME consultation in Arabic and English. arabic and english Anonymous freelancer based in California, United States.
  • Arabic Translation UK - Translation and localisation in Arabic>English, and web site arabic and english design and SEO in Arabic. Company based arabic and english in the United Kingdom.
  • Arabtex - Translation, DTP and technical writing in English-Arabic. Company based in Simi Valley, CA, United States.
  • Arabic Integrated Service - Translation, localisation and DTP in English>Arabic. Company translation based in arabic and english Cairo, Egypt.
  • Arabic Interfile - Italian company offers translation and graphic make-up of Arabic text, translation generally from Italian and English.
  • Hadia Rashed - Translation and marketing in English-Arabic. Freelancer based in Alexandria, Egypt.

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