Portuguese and English Single Language Translation Communications

This category is for sites offering translation from English to Portuguese, from Portuguese to English, and related services in Portuguese and English only. Sites offering more than two languages are listed in the regional category under Multiple_Language.

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  • Suzana S. M. Albano - Translationm in English and Portuguese.
  • Albion Idiomas - Translation and interpreting in English and Portuguese. Company based portuguese and english in Brazil.
  • Quality Portuguese Translations - Business and technical translation in Portuguese and English.
  • José Benjamim Ruivo - Technical translations from English to Portuguese.
  • Mónica Machado - Technical translation from English to European Portuguese.
  • Jose Antonio V. Azevedo - Translation in English and Portuguese.
  • Isabel Monteiro - Translator - Translation in English and European Portuguese.
  • Maria Eugenia Farre - Translation, localisation and interpreting for Fortune 500 companies, translation English into Portuguese.
  • gotoTranslation - Translation in Brazilian Portuguese and English.
  • Sormane P Gomes - Translation and interpreting in Portuguese<>English. Freelancer based translation in Philadelphia, translation United States.
  • Brazilian Portuguese Specialists - Translation in English and Brazilian Portuguese, based in San Francisco.
  • João Maria de Abreu - Translation from English into Portuguese by mechanical engineer.
  • BB Portuguese - Translation, localization and interpreting in Portuguese and English. translation Company single language based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and translation New York, United States.
  • Your Ideas Translated - Translation and writing services in English and Brazilian portuguese and english portuguese and english Portuguese.
  • Jurotrans Translations - Translation and language services in English and Portuguese. portuguese and english single language Agency based in São Paulo, Brazil. portuguese and english single language Bilingual site.
  • RioLingo - Localisation, translation and editing for IT and technical publications. translation Based in Seattle, run by a native Brazilian.
  • Politext - Technical translations in English/Spanish/French/Italian/Norwegian>Brazilian Portuguese. Company based in Norway.
  • Nuno Moreira - Translation in English and Portuguese.
  • Paulo Leiras - Translation in English and European Portuguese.
  • Accurate English into Portuguese Translations - Translation from English to Brazilian Portuguese. Based translation in the United States.
  • Claudia da Matta - Translation and localisation in English>Portuguese. Freelancer based in the United States.
  • João Roque Dias - Technical translation in English and Portuguese.
  • Lúcia M. Singer - Translation, editing, proofreading and consulting from English to single language Brazilian translation Portuguese, in the biology field.
  • Ana Mafalda Costa - Translation from English to Portuguese.

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