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Category Description This category and its subcategory contain the sites of commercial enterprises focused primarily on the writing-related services of editing, proofreading, and indexing. Please note that sites offering these services as well as other writing services will be found in the "parent" category to this one. In addition, sites offering these services primarily to a specific field will be found with other sites related to that field. (Look in the "parent" category to see which fields have a separate category.) Please submit a regional location in the description of your site in order for the site to be listed.

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See Also:
  • AfterWords Editorial Services - Professional indexing and editing services for publishers and authors. Specializations editing and proofreading in scholarly works, how-to, and technical documentation.
  • ProperText - Company reads and corrects English documents, brochures, sales writing and editing communications presentations, catalogues, web pages, and press releases.
  • CopyWrite - Professional, experienced copywriter and editor. South Africa.

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