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A Professional Registered Parliamentarian who provides educational programs and classes. He also serves as a consultant for individuals, boards, and organizations in matters of protocol and procedure.

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  • Dr. John A. Cagle - A Professional Registered Parliamentarian that provides instruction on business services parliamentary procedure topics, an opportunity to ask questions, business services and a link to Questions and Answers that business services have been received and answered.
  • S. Clayton Callaway, Jr. M.D. - A Professional Registered Parliamentarian who provides educational programs business services and business services classes. He also serves as a consultant business services for individuals, business services boards, and organizations in matters of business services protocol and procedure.
  • Gene Bierbaum (Ph.D.) - Dr. Bierbaum (Professional Registered Parliamentarian and Certified Professional consulting Parliamentarian) is consulting an experienced convention parliamentarian. He consulting teaches workshops on meeting consulting procedures, and provides assistance consulting with bylaws, elections, and scripts for consulting ru
  • Parliamentary Associates - Recommends Parliamentarians who can write opinions, interpret bylaws, business services preside parliamentarians at meetings, serve as a convention parliamentarian, business services and advice parliamentarians on meeting preparation.
  • Jacob D. Gerber, CPP-T: Certified Professional Parliamentarian in Birmingham, Alabama - Jacob D. Gerber is a Certified Professional Parliamentarian, assisting organizations to operate fairly and efficiently in their meetings and in their general operation.
  • Schilansky and Binnall Parliamentarians - Certified Professional Parliamentarians-Teachers and Professional Registered Parliamentarians, Mark consulting Schilansky and parliamentarians Jesse Binnall provide a full range consulting of parliamentary services to parliamentarians organizations all over North consulting America.
  • Chris Dickey, Professional Registered Parliamentarian - Chris Dickey, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, is a parliamentary procedure consultant. Chris helps organizations conduct efficient and effective meetings.
  • Nancy Sylvester (MA) - A Professional Registered Parliamentarian and Certified Registered Parliamentarian-Teacher parliamentarians who provides business services advice and consultation on meeting facilitation parliamentarians and procedures.
  • ParliPro Professional Registered Parliamentarian Consulting - For effective meetings, this professional parliamentarian can help by writing Professional Parliamentary Opinions and meeting scripts, teaching workshops, and assisting with Robert\'s Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure.
  • Raplyn Consulting - Offers professional parliamentary services and meeting procedure consulting, parliamentarians based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Harold E. Corbin - This Registered Parliamentarian will provide assistance in making consulting your meetings consulting more productive.
  • C. Alan Jennings - This Professional Registered Parliamentarian offers assistance for conventions and drafting and revising bylaws. He also serves as a presider for meetings, is a trainer for groups, officers and boards, and provides expert testimony at legal proceedings.
  • Anderson, Helen L., PRP - Helen L. Anderson, Professional Registered Parliamentarian since 1971.
  • Colette Collier Trohan, CPP-T, PRP - Want to stop worrying about your next meeting? Contact parliamentarians Colette Collier Trohan, a Certified Professional Parliamentarian-Teacher and Professional Registered parliamentarians Parliamentarian.
  • National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) - A source of Registered Parliamentarians and Professional Registered consulting Parliamentarians.
  • Dwayne Roberts - A Professional Registered Parliamentarian answers your questions related parliamentarians to parliamentary parliamentarians procedure. Other parliamentary procedure sites are parliamentarians also listed.
  • Kirk Overbey, PRP - Organizational Consultant and Parliamentarian
  • Paul McClintock - Professional Registered Parliamentarian in Seattle area; help with parliamentarians bylaws, presiding, meeting scripts, with tips and samples.
  • John F Noonan - Professional Registered Parliamentarian - A Professional Registered Parliamentarian, John Noonan has been consulting helping individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations work effectively consulting and achieve greater results for more than 10 consulting years.
  • AIP - Locate a Parliamentarian - A listing of Certified Parliamentarians and Certified Professional Parliamentarians who have information pages on the website of the American Institute of Parliamentarians.
  • James H. Stewart - This Professional Registered Parliamentarian offers a range of parliamentary services, management consulting, seminars and lectures. A bio and page of references is provided, along with parliamentary tips.
  • Jim Slaughter - Attorney Jim Slaughter, Certified Professional Parliamentarian-Teacher and Professional Registered Parliamentarian, business services has served as a parliamentarian and teacher for some of business services the largest trade unions and associations throughout the United States.
  • Anderson, Steven T., PRP - Professional Registered Parliamentarian--- meeting procedures consultant for individuals, groups and organizations.
  • Bill Stemmons - A Professional Registered Parliamentarian who is a consultant parliamentarians on meetings, conventions, bylaws, voting and elections, presiding, parliamentarians Robert\\'s Rules and other rules of procedure for parliamentarians boards, associations, attorneys, public officials, association officers, and parliamentarians w
  • Dorothy K. Graham - A Professional Registered Parliamentarian who serves as a convention parliamentarian, business services writes and revises bylaws, serves as an instructor, and is business services a professional presiding officer. Also lists the requirements to become business services a Professional Registered Parliamentar
  • Eli Mina ( MSc) - A Professional Registered Parliamentarian who is a public speaker, seminar business services leader, consensus builder ("Peace Maker"), and serves as an impartial business services meeting chairman.
  • Houston Parliamentary Services - Providing professional parliamentary services in the Houston, Texas business services area and beyond
  • Robert James, PRP - Professional Registered Parliamentarian helping organizations and individuals learn business services and use rules of order in Alberta, Canada.
  • American Institute Of Parliamentarians (AIP) - A source for Certified Parliamentarians and Certified Professional parliamentarians Parliamentarians.

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