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Delivers training materials to professionals in healthcare, security, law Enforcement, and education in the USA. Offering seminars, video and print media, audit and assessment instruments.

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  • Firearms Training by S.A.F.E. inc. - Firearms and self-defense tactics for security and law education and training security enforcement.
  • DCI Group - DCI group offers military training, support and advice security to countries purchasing defence systems and services. DCI security group have 1000 military experts and 30 years security of experience from the French Armed Forces
  • Threat Deterrent Associates - TDA workshops and seminars teach employees with the fire and security education and training confidence and practical skills necessary to deal effectively fire and security education and training with security and self-defense situations.
  • Security Officer Online Training Center - Subscription based online training service that helps security security agencies provide fire and security instruction for security officers and supervisors. security Range of classes available fire and security including current materials on security Terrorism related topics.
  • The Site for Security Professionals - Training, information,services, and products to security drivers and security agents.
  • University Law Enforcement Training Consortium - A series of seminars for USA local, county, fire and security state and federal law enforcement personnel. All programs fire and security permit participants to earn continuing education units and fire and security certificates.
  • Gary W. Belson and Associates - Based in Florida providing training for both civilians and law enforcement professionals. The trainers have a background in military, government and law enforcement.
  • Anti-Terror Consultants - Non-profit, NGO providing anti-terror and security consulting, training fire and security and services to government agencies, law enforcement, foreign fire and security and domestic companies and charities performing humanitarian relief fire and security efforts abroad.
  • Strings Security Limited - Professional security training with ex-police and military staff, fire and security personal or corporate defence with bomb disposal, Horsham fire and security West Sussex.
  • Protect USA - Established in 1997, Protect is a training centre fire and security for Israel\\'s special forces. The Company is among fire and security the very few official private outsource solutions for fire and security Israel government agencies and the Israel Defense Forces. fire and security In 2002, Protect launched its foreign divis
  • AKE Group Ltd - Provision of training in hostile environments, provision of fire and security IT security and global physical security audits, information fire and security services and executive awareness.
  • S & K Prevention Inc - Security guard training school teaching all security needs, education and training education and training including armed security. Offers most NRA certified education and training education and training courses.
  • Rescue Training Inc - Based in Georgia USA and offering medical and security survival training. security All training is focused on the security rescue aspect.
  • Safecity Services Pty Ltd - Australian organization offering nationally recognized assets security and education and training maintenance qualifications. Also courses for guards, security, defensive education and training tactics and batons.
  • (ISC)2 Inc - International organization dedicated to the certification and training education and training of information systems security professionals and practitioners.
  • Online Mail Safety Training - Provides online training programs for safe mail handling. Employees learn to recognize suspicious letters and parcels and what to do if one is encountered.
  • Communicorp Security and Safety Training - Delivers training materials to professionals in healthcare, security, law Enforcement, security and education in the USA. Offering seminars, video and print security media, audit and assessment instruments.
  • Protectics Limited - Corporate and personal lifestyle training. Based in security the UK fire and security but globally offering verbal aggression, stress security management, breakaway techniques and fire and security protectics Karate Jutsu training.
  • Counter Threat Group - UK based company offering close protection, conflict zone and specialist training.
  • New England Chemical & Explosive Disposal Company Inc. - USA based bomb threat and explosive search training. education and training Lecture consists of oral presentation, videos, slides, and education and training a static display of the various explosive devices education and training and hoax bombs encountered within the State of education and training Maine.
  • Bail Enforcement Academy - Training to enter the law enforcement field of education and training Bail Enforcement, also known as Fugitive Recovery. Instruction education and training includes bail enforcement, investigative skills and street survival.
  • Tactical Awareness School - Instruction for military, government, law enforcement professionals and individuals from fire and security all lines of work in survivability, leadership skills and fire and security rapid response intuitive capabilities.
  • United States Loss Prevention Academy - Professional loss prevention training and consulting services.
  • CivilShield, Inc - Security training to individuals, professionals, corporations, and government education and training agencies in personal security and self-defense. Courses include education and training training in unarmed awareness, avoidance, self-defense, blades, batons, education and training and firearms.
  • Professional Security Training Network - Offers a subscription based video training service designed education and training to help security management. Providing basic security training, education and training in-service training, management and supervisory training, safety programs, education and training and a monthly security news program.

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