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Manufacturer of tactical body armor systems including ballistic vests, helmets and shields for federal law enforcement, local police and military professionals.

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  • Marom Dolphin, Ltd - Israel. Design, development and manufacture of ballistic and accessories blast protection law enforcement gear, tactical vests and thigh rigs, accessories back packs, pouches and law enforcement carrying bags, camouflage gear accessories and accessories for military and law-enforcement law enforcement applications. Technical accessories brochure on
  • LBA International - Lightweight body armour and ballistic protection manufacturing and design.
  • FMS Enterprises Migun, Ltd - Israel. Manufacturer and suppliers of lightweight ballistic armor materials, from law enforcement aramid fabrics, unidirectional polyethylene shield materials and armor plates law enforcement and multi-layered stab protection materials. Detailed product catalogs, including technical law enforcement in
  • First Choice Armor - Body armor manufacturer, offering a full line of body armor protective products.
  • Armor Holdings, Inc. - Offers various body armor products to the public body armor safety body armor industry. Specializes in soft and hard armor body armor plates.
  • Body Armor News - News from the industry and information on bullet resistant vests.
  • T.G. Faust Inc. Body Armor - Body armor manufacturer for law enforcement and military body armor use.
  • Atlantic Body Armor - Includes swat vests and other protective clothing.
  • Safer America - Supplier of bullet proof vests for men and law enforcement women.
  • - Bullet proof vests and body armor accessories and body armor information on ballistic protection. Austin, Texas.
  • Australasian Ballistic and Mechanical Testing - Armor testing facility located in Melbourne, Australia. Providing body armor testing accessories services to Asia Pacific area.
  • EnGarde Body Armor - Manufacturer of body armor and bulletproof vests. Based in the accessories Netherlands.
  • Point Blank Solutions, Inc. - Provides protective technologies: ballistic, thermal management, and advanced accessories therapeutic. Publicly body armor traded firm (PBSO.PK).
  • Second Chance Body Armor - Manufactures body armor, shields, and helmets. Central Lake, accessories Michigan.
  • Achidatex, Ltd - Israel. Design, development and manufacture of a range law enforcement of accessories protective equipment for military and law-enforcement personnel. law enforcement Also, truck accessories coverings and textile based protable architectural law enforcement structures. Detailed product accessories catalogs, including technical informatio
  • Defensive Products International - Seller of tactical strength ballistic armor. Also offers accessories ballistic protection level information.
  • GL Distributors, Inc. - Line of concealed and tactical body armor.
  • Rabintex Industries, Ltd - Israel. Design, manufacture and distribution of ballistic and body armor blast protection equipment, and engineered solutions for mobility body armor and modifications of tactical combat vehicles.
  • Export Erez, Ltd - Israel. Manufacturers of a wide range of safety body armor and accessories protective garments, personal gear and accessories for body armor military and accessories law-enforcement applications. Detailed product catalogs, including body armor technical information.
  • Kejo Limited Company - Offers bullet proof vests and police equipment for body armor law law enforcement enforcement.
  • Global Armour - Supplier based in Durban, South Africa. Manufactures personal body armor protection law enforcement equipment for military and police.
  • RBR Tactical Armor, Inc. - Manufacturer of tactical body armor systems including ballistic vests, helmets and shields for federal law enforcement, local police and military professionals.
  • Lyra Leather - Manufacturer and supplier of body armour for basic body armor ballistic law enforcement protection for law enforcement and military use.
  • Armor Smith Company - 3D textile based body armor system comprise of law enforcement rigid law enforcement composite plates and flexible textile layers that law enforcement are scalable.
  • Tarcarm LLC - Offers tactical body armor to enhance IED protection.
  • Fortress Pacific Corporation - Manufactures body armor and helmets for military and law enforcement police. body armor Products, technology and contact form. Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Pinnacle Armor - Features bullet proof vests, transport and facility armor, and consulting law enforcement seminar services.
  • Safariland Ltd., Inc. - Features body armor and other products for law enforcement.
  • Einat Tech, Ltd - Israel. Design, development and manufacture of fiber optic law enforcement tactical transporting and deploying systems, camouflage systems, all-weather law enforcement tent shelters, tactical load bearing harnesses and back law enforcement packs, foldable sof tanks and garments for military law enforcement application

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