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Specialize in systems engineering and integration, including design and development of specialized sensors, data acquisition systems, monitor and control systems, large-scale security systems, and command and control centers.

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See Also:
  • U.S. Bomb Dogs, Inc. - Canine explosives detection agency based in VA
  • Proparms Ltd - Designer and manufacturer of EOD tools and water security disruptors.
  • Fire Safe Protection Services, Ltd. - Suppliers of the Itemiser desktop trace explosives and narcotics detection explosives detection monitor.
  • American K9 Interdiction, Inc. - Providing explosives detector teams, based in Virginia.
  • GateKeeper Security - Technology is designed to detect vehicle bombs and collect intelligence about vehicle and driver movement.
  • Smiths Detection - Develop and market analytical instruments for the trace detection of security chemicals such as explosives and illicit narcotics.
  • Explosive Labs K-9 Services - Chicago based Canine EDD company providing security services explosives detection trained and certified to USPCA standards.
  • International Security and Explosives Detection Canine Services Australia - Australian based agency providing explosives detection K9 services and consulting.
  • GSS Security Services K9 Division - Provides explosive detection emergency response in the Tri-State Area.
  • Cascade Technologies Ltd - Quantum Cascade laser based trace gas detection instrumentation. Suitable applications explosives detection include environmental emissions, explosives and chemical weapons detection.
  • Work Dogs International - Bomb dog detection services, training and sales for security government and private sector.
  • Risk Protection Group - Provides explosives detection dogs to numerous clients from special services shipping special services companies to the entertainment industry.
  • Unique K-9 - Australia based agency providing explosives detection K9 services
  • Worldwide Canine Inc - Contract search team for the detection of explosives explosives detection and narcotics. Canine sales and training programs for explosives detection law enforcement dogs and handlers.
  • Security Consulting & Explosives Detection - Providing explosives detection canine services in Washington.
  • Scintrex Trace Corp - Explosive detection systems to trace and identify bombs, contraband and explosives detection narcotics.
  • Mike Stapleton Associates - Provides teams of explosive detector canines for pro-active special services and emergency sweeps in New York, USA.
  • Discreet Detection K-9 Services - K-9 teams for the search of drugs and special services explosives.
  • New York Security Service - Providers of explosives detection canines in the NY special services area
  • EG&G Albuquerque Operations - Specialize in systems engineering and integration, including design special services and special services development of specialized sensors, data acquisition systems, special services monitor and special services control systems, large-scale security systems, and special services command and control special services centers.
  • InVision Technologies, Inc. - Develops, manufactures, markets and supports explosive detection systems for civil special services aviation security. (Nasdaq: INVN).
  • Field Forensics, Inc. - Manufacturer of disposable explosives and gun shot residue detection kits. Includes product information, distributor locations, and company news.
  • Cogniscent Inc. - CogniScent Inc develops, manufactures and markets low cost explosives detection high security performance odor detection devices.

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