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Outsourcing solutions in application processing, data and document management, health and dental claims management, student loan services, portfolio management and transaction processing.

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  • Softsys Infotek Solutions - Offers data processing,along with offline and online data entry services. data entry Based out of India.
  • Soft Tech System - Data entry, form processing, litigation coding, indexing, and data management file data management conversion.
  • Indiafin Communications - Provides web solutions and data conversion services. Based in India.
  • Sahyadri InfoTech - India based company providing data processing solutions.
  • Unisoft Datatech - Provides online data entry, data conversion and processing services.
  • OpenWorld Data - Primary services include data entry, conversion, processing, and office services scanning. Headquarters are located in London.
  • VividMinds.Net - Offers personnel for hire to work on data data entry entry data entry and other web related tasks.
  • Molefield Data Consultancy - Provides numerous data services including entry, capture, processing, data entry and office services conversion.
  • SlipStream Data Solutions - Offer data entry, transcription, and office support services.
  • BDP - Outsourcing solutions in application processing, data and document management, health and dental claims management, student loan services, portfolio management and transaction processing.
  • TrinityJacobs - Provides virtual assisting needs such as data entry, office services word processing, transcription, and dictations.
  • Impetus Technologies - BPO provider of data services, along with web data entry designing data management and software services/solutions.
  • Arcevia Services - A data processing company specializing in data entry, office services proofreading, web maintenance and typing services. Based in office services the UK.
  • Powell - General data entry, rebate processing, inventory control, and data entry survey collection.
  • Tab Service - Chicago based company providing data scanning, entry, processing, data management and office services management.
  • Adhitya - Services provided include data entry, data conversion, and data entry OCR.
  • Aftertime Solutions - Offers data entry, editing and proof-reading, publishing, video office services editing, and Spanish/English translation.
  • ARO, Inc. - Provides customer relationship management services such as contact data entry centers, data management data entry, forms processing, and customer fulfillment.
  • Innodata Corporation - Performs data entry, data conversion, scanning, indexing, abstracting and related data entry services. (Nasdaq: INOD).
  • Blaise Information Systems - Provides data entry and e-publishing services.
  • Blue Matrix - Provides BPO, data digitization, and a variety of data entry other data management business solutions.
  • Key Data Services - Offers data entry from hard copy, microfiche, microfilm, data management and data management scanned images.
  • International Outsourcing Services - Offers outsourcing solutions for data services, which include data entry data entry outsourcing and back office outsourcing services.
  • Radical Valley - London based company providing data entry, software development, office services and office services call center services.
  • KVS Computer Services - Palakkad based firm offering data entry and editing.
  • S.A.I.D. - Services include data entry, compact disc archival, and text scanning.
  • Highland Data Services - Services include medical claims processing, forms processing, OCR, office services and office services scanning services.
  • New Delhi Digital Works - Provides numerous data processing services, along with web data management solutions office services and graphics services.
  • Hi-Tech Export - Provides data entry, data conversion, scanning, OCR, CAD, and website development services. Locations in Ahmedabad and Cochin, India. Services list, company details, and pricing guidelines included.
  • Digital Divide Data - Cambodian based company providing data entry and digitization office services services.
  • Formax - Provides data entry services including OCR/ICR, scanning, data data entry conversion, data entry data management, and claims processing.
  • Security Data - Offer data services, including file creation and maintenance.
  • iTenable India Ltd. - Offers help in finance and accounting, data processing, office services conversion data entry and call centers
  • Rely Services - Provides data entry and conversion, check processing, and insurance claim processing.
  • Arrow Data Entry Projects - Data entry service specializing in converting hard-copy to computer format.
  • Forr's Keypunching - Provides consulting, training, systems integration, and order processing.

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