Outsourcing Business Services

Brings together firms that specialize in outsourcing, offshoring vendors, clients (small and large company representatives), and anyone who wants to participate in offshoring related discussions.

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  • Telnet Services Ltd - Offer BPO services including sales channels, inbound customer business service, data management, and market research.
  • Citibase Limited - Provide office business servicing and accessory support services.
  • Compare Infobase - India firm offering BPO services in customer services, business services finance and accounting processes, HR processes, and data business services analysis.
  • Dynamic Solutions USA, Inc. - An engineering management and technical staffing firm specializing in support to manufacturing facilities, nuclear power generation plants, and maintenance and procurement engineering services.
  • Paceoutsourcing - Provide back-office operations for companies outside of India.
  • ViewpointUSA Inc - Offer BPO services including public opinion research and outsourcing polling.
  • Rittershausen Consulting - Provide outsourcing services related to organizational issues and business governmental requirements.
  • Telesentry - A secure communication channel for employees to report business services Code of Conduct concerns to corporate counsel and business services audit committee members.
  • Callbox - Provide customer relationship management and business process services.
  • GLC Business Services - Offer BPO services including office supply management, reception services, records business management, and production.
  • 24x7 BPO - India based firm offering BPO services directed at IT companies.
  • Bowen Data - Provides outsourced call center and software services to outsourcing India.
  • Computer Sciences Corporation - Provides IT, BPO, and consulting to clients in business services industry outsourcing and government.
  • Day Office Business Centre - Offers BPO services including multi-lingual secretarial assistance and business agenda management.
  • Client Outsource - India based BPO company offering customer service, technical support, sales, business services and captive-center consulting.
  • Murphy Assistants - Virtual assistant offering business services and support to outsourcing small business and entrepreneurs.
  • JPA HOME PAGE - Provide CAD outsourcing solutions including design development and outsourcing software solutions.
  • Planet Synergy, Inc. - Offer BPO services including customer acquisition, customer support, business services and business services IT services.
  • ChinaPro - Offers offshore manufacture and delivery of engineered products business services and business services components to European manufacturers.
  • Outsourcing Consultants - Consulting firm to help with BPO needs.
  • Sofica - Offer inbound and outbound BPO services including: technical support, order business services processing, telemarketing, and customer care.
  • Multitech - Provide call center services, BPO services, telemarketing, payroll, business services and outsourcing CRM services.
  • VertiCity - Offers BPO services to worldwide companies.
  • Synergy Business Solutions - Provides BPO services including: accounts paybale, accounts receivable, business payroll, and business medical transcription.
  • Spear Technologies International - Provide BPO services focusing on supply chain management needs.
  • Employee Global - Offer mortgage loan officers, telemarketers, and other virtual business services assistant services.
  • Karmyogi - Offer outsourcing solutions, search and placements, and staffing business services solutions business including contractual staffing.
  • DESSS - Provides BPO and IT services including data conversion business services and outsourcing transcription work.
  • Hajimeen Group - Provider of services including IT, call center, and business consulting.
  • Outsource Solutions UK - Provides internet technology services, inbound call management, reception services, and business telemarketing services.
  • Group Omni - Offer BPO services including web solutions, call centers, billing and outsourcing collection services.
  • Pacific BPO - Offers BPO services to the health care industry outsourcing including transcriptions, business services medical coding and billing , and outsourcing insurance claim processing.
  • Haalubiz - Offer BPO services including customer service, quality assurance, outsourcing collections, and outsourcing marketing.
  • GTC - Provides outsourced technical support.
  • RSC Spec Services - Provides design and related services on an outsource business basis to outsourcing office furniture dealers and manufacturers.
  • Offshoring Forum - Brings together firms that specialize in outsourcing, offshoring business services vendors, outsourcing clients (small and large company representatives), and business services anyone who outsourcing wants to participate in offshoring related business services discussions.
  • New Age - Provider of outsourced BPO, call center, and IT services.
  • My Office Outsource - Offers numerous BPO services.
  • Varshyl - Offer a wide variety of BPO services such business services as business call centers, process control, and work order business services systems.
  • Core Integrators - BPO services provider offering customer care, back office business process management services, and outbound/inbound telemarketing services.
  • Teleforma - Offers BPO contact center services.
  • DeltaSoft - DeltaSoft provides BPO services including global software solutions, business internet applications, outsourcing web development.
  • PrishanTek, Inc - Services include outsourcing of software development, web development and designing, website maintenance and support, CD and DVD authoring, medical, QA testing, legal and financial transcription, administrative services, financial services and other IT en

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