RFID Asset Tracking Physical Asset Management Business Services

Hardware and software solutions integrator, specializing in active and passive technologies across all frequencies for asset tracking, inspection, and revenue tracking applications.

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  • VerdaSee Solutions, Inc. - Tracking and tracing products and services including RFID rfid and RTLS physical asset management systems.
  • Avonwood Developments Ltd. - RFID solution to identify and manage vehicles, assets, personnel and processes.
  • EPCglobal - Specializes in the development of industry-driven standards for physical asset management rfid the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Network to support physical asset management rfid the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
  • Northern Apex-RFID - Hardware and software solutions integrator, specializing in active asset tracking and passive technologies across all frequencies for asset asset tracking tracking, inspection, and revenue tracking applications.
  • RF dump - Portal for information exchange regarding RFID technology. They also developed asset tracking a tool to detect RFID-Tags and show their meta information.
  • SEFEA - French company designs and manufactures memory key RFID physical asset management rfid systems.
  • AIM Inc. - Global trade association for the automatic identification and rfid data capture (AIDC) industry. Covering technologies such as rfid barcode, radio frequency Identification (RFID), card technologies (magnetic rfid stripe, smart card, contactless card, optical card), radi
  • Sokymat - Manufacturer and integrator of RFID transponders and systems.
  • Intersoft - Manufactures and designs low-cost RFID tags, readers, demo kits, software, asset tracking and custom solutions.
  • Rafsec Oy - Specializes in the production and development of card, physical asset management ticket and label transponders. Includes products, brochure, and physical asset management contacts.
  • Escort Memory Systems - Research and development company offers radio frequency identification systems for supply chain management.
  • OmniProx - Company offers line of HID compatible proximity readers physical asset management made by OmniTek.
  • Identec, Inc - Offers long-range RFID products for perishable goods and rfid asset tracking.
  • Matrics - Offers patented radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for physical asset management chain management and real-time asset tracking.
  • Rush Tracking Systems - Specializes in the design, integration, installation, and maintenance of Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) technology solutions.
  • Neology - Manufacturer of short range radio frequency identification tags rfid and readers.
  • RF Technologies - Offers integrated, wireless RFID monitoring and safety solutions, asset tracking including wireless call, elopement monitoring, fall management, and asset tracking asset tracking solutions.
  • Tek Industries Inc. - Offers custom built RFID and RFDC devices, specializing asset tracking in asset tracking design to prototype through production.
  • Trovan Electronic Identification Systems - UK company offers transponder systems designed to physical asset management work where conventional ID technologies will not work.
  • Texas Instruments RFID - Offers a range of RFID transponder, reader, and antenna products physical asset management for business, industrial, and consumer applications.
  • RFID Journal - Offers news and information about RFID and its rfid many business rfid applications.
  • Destron Fearing - Manufactures RFID products for animals including livestock and physical asset management pet tracking solutions.
  • DTE Automation - German company manufactures RFID transponder systems for factory automation, access physical asset management systems and stock handling.
  • Rfid, Inc. - Manufactures RFID transponders and reader components for sale to end-users, asset tracking resellers, and companies wanting to OEM the technology.
  • Cansec - Canadian company offers i-button reader access solutions.
  • Wherenet - provides technology for RFID, RTLS and real-time locating systems for rfid distribution centers and automotive manufacturing.
  • Phase IV Engineering - Offers RFID product development and application including text-to-speech and low asset tracking power telemetry systems.
  • Databrokers Inc. - Specializes in radio frequency identification integration focusing on asset tracking middleware and device control.
  • Tagsys RFID - Designs and manufactures RFID infrastructure for e-connecting goods.
  • HID - Manufacturer of RFID access systems using proximity cards and readers.
  • Identec Solutions GmbH - Manufacturer of automatic identification systems - RFID and asset tracking optical asset tracking - for industry and logistics. Located in asset tracking Lustenau, Austria.
  • ELGAB - Swedish company offers customized RIFD solutions for industrial physical asset management applications including the laundry and waste management industries.
  • AARFID LLC. - Provides a range of radio frequency identification (RFID) rfid solutions.
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