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Makers of the Tru-i design and management software suite. Also make software for ad scheduling and billing. Based in New Delhi,India.

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  • Symon Communications, Inc. - Provides hardware and software for digital signage and kiosks. Headquarters signage in Plano, Texas and Hertfordshire, UK.
  • Odysii - Provides software for dynamically updating digital signage content signage based on signage real-time data and business rules. Located signage in Tel Aviv, Israel, signage and New York, New signage York.
  • Digital Link Media - Develop web-based software for digital sign networks. Based signage in Ontario, signage Canada.
  • TrueKnox Technologies - Makers of the Tru-i design and management software suite. Also make software for ad scheduling and billing. Based in New Delhi,India.
  • UCView Media, Inc. - Provides hosted and non-hosted hardware and software solutions digital for digital signage sign networks. Based in Chatsworth, California.
  • Smatter Inc. - Produce the deSign software for digital sign networks. Based in digital New York, New York.
  • Graphics Point Engineering - Provides the eSign software for stand-alone digital signs, as well signage as other presentation and OEM products.
  • Netkey Webpavement - Provides player and remote management software for digital digital sign networks. digital Based in East Haven, Connecticut.
  • Synergetix Limited - Makers of Wallflower software for digital screen networks. digital Also software provide software for data mining and digital analytics. Based in NZ.
  • Wide Eye HD - Develop the firmCHANNEL software suite and provide media players for software digital signs.
  • InfoSignz - Provides web-based management software for digital signs. Based software in Pune, software India.
  • LocaModa - Provides a software platform for interacting with digital digital signage networks via mobile phone. Based in Somerville, digital Massachusetts.
  • Aerva - Provide packaged software and development services for interactive display networks. digital Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • AO Narrowcast Inc. - Developed the Omega line of web-based content management software software and signage media players. Based in Sunnyvale, California.
  • Broadsign International - Provides hosted software for managing digital signage networks.
  • Navori Inc. - Makers of the Navori software for digital media digital networks. signage Offices in France and Canada.
  • Pyrotechnic Systems - Develop the Neo Xtreme line of Linux-based digital signage media playback signage and remote management software.
  • DriveTime TV - Provides software optimized for digital advertising networks in auto dealerships. software Based in Boca Raton, Florida.
  • Isenzo - Develop the MediaCaster software product line. Based in software Cape Town, South Africa.
  • A5tek Corp - Developers of the ieHIP media platform software for digital digital sign networks. Offices in the US, Taiwan digital and the Philippines.
  • ezeVue Ltd. - Develop ezeVue digital signage software and media players for stand-alone or networked displays. Based in Bristol, UK.

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