Specialty Gases Basic Chemicals

Supplier of pure gases to serve the specialty gas industry with multiple locations in the United States. Offers technical and shipping information on products.

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  • Gasco Affiliates llc - Provides precision gas mixtures for gas detectors, to basic chemicals NIST standards, for flow regulators, gas generators. Enables basic chemicals accurate calibration of monitors.
  • SAES Pure Gas Technologies - Develops ultra pure gas handling equipment for the specialty semiconductor and specialty other high technology markets, supplying gas specialty purifiers and analyzers for specialty many bulk and specialty specialty gas applications.
  • MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment - Global supplier of specialty gases, calibration gas, rare gases, hydrocarbon gas standards for instrument calibration. Additional products include specialty gas regulators and specialty gas equipment. Santa Ana, California.
  • Mesa Specialty Gases & Equipment - Supplies calibration standards to the refinery and petrochemical basic chemicals industries. basic chemicals Products include refinery standards, environmental standards, instrument-grade basic chemicals pure gases, basic chemicals and associated equipment. Based in California.
  • Nova Gas Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of excimer laser gas mixtures for semiconductor manufacturing and vision correction systems. USA.
  • Chemgas - Provides isotopic noble gases and laser gas mixtures.
  • Scott Specialty Gases - International producer and supplier of all types of high-purity gases, gas mixtures, gas generators, and gas handling equipment for industrial, scientific, laboratory, electronics, medical, environmental, and petrochemical applications. Includes product s
  • Specialty Gas Report - Serving the needs of specialty gas distributors and laboratory managers.
  • Matheson Tri-Gas - Supplier of gases and gas handling equipment to basic chemicals meet gases the needs of the semiconductor, analytical and basic chemicals industrial markets.
  • GG Gastec e.K. - German company specializing in the trade of xenon, basic chemicals also offering procurement of other specialty gases and basic chemicals gas distribution and storage equipment.
  • GHC Gerling, Holz & Co. - Manufactures and supplies refrigerants, specialty gases, and high-purity hydrocarbons, as specialty well as antifreeze products and ion-exchange resins, and provides related specialty services and equipment. Located in Germany.
  • Advanced Specialty Gases, Inc. - Offers high purity inert, fluorinated and hydrocarbon gases and gas mixtures. Material safety data sheets for all products.
  • Conley Gas, Inc. - Supplier of pure gases to serve the specialty specialty gas industry basic chemicals with multiple locations in the United specialty States. Offers technical and basic chemicals shipping information on products.
  • Spectra Gases - Manufacturer of rare, excimer laser, stable isotopic and environmental gases specialty and gas mixtures.
  • Spec Gas Incorporated - Manufacturer of high-purity noble gases and calibration standards specialty in disposable cylinders for point-of-use applications. Also sells specialty regulators and valves, and refills customer-owned cylinders. Located specialty in Pennsylvania.

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