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Japanese manufacturer of a wide range of fluorine compounds, including hydrogen fluoride, metal fluorides, fluorophosphates, and fluoroborates, and ionic liquids.

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  • Stella Chemifa Corporation - Japanese manufacturer of a wide range of fluorine inorganic compounds, including fluorine compounds hydrogen fluoride, metal fluorides, fluorophosphates, and inorganic fluoroborates, and ionic liquids.
  • Fujian Shaowu Yongfei Chemical Co., Ltd. - Hydrogen fluoride and fluoride salts manufacturer in China. basic chemicals Products fluorine compounds include ammonium fluorides, fluoroboric acid, and fluorosilicic basic chemicals acid, as fluorine compounds well as a perfluorinated surfactant.
  • Jay Intermediates and Chemicals - Producer of inorganic fluorine chemicals in India. Products basic chemicals include ammonium and metal fluorides, fluoborates, fluorosilicates, and basic chemicals fluorotitanates, as well as phosphoric acid and silica.
  • Hengyang Bangyou Chemical Co., Ltd - Producer of inorganic fluorometallates and hydrogen fluoride in China. Products are primarily used in metallurgical and ceramic industries.
  • Alufluor - Producer and supplier of aluminium fluoride for the primary aluminium basic chemicals smelters.
  • Jinan 3F Company Reagent Branch Factory - Producer of hydrofluoric acid and inorganic fluorides in fluorine compounds China. Products include the sodium, potassium, and ammonium fluorine compounds salts, bifluorides, and borofluoric compounds.

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