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Sales organisation with oleochemical production sites of its own. The product package includes a wide range of vegetable-, animal- and mineral oils, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, esters and tensio-actives.

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  • Cognis Oleochemicals - Raw materials from plants such as coconut and oil palms, rapeseed, soybeans and sunflowers.
  • Acme-Hardesty Oleochemicals - Marketer and distributor of vegetable oil and animal chemicals fat-based oleochemicals, flavor and fragrance chemicals.
  • Godrej Industries - Manufactures fatty acids, fatty alcohols, surfactants, and glycerine chemicals chemicals in basic chemicals India.
  • Ambrogio Pagani S.p.A. - Producer of stearic acid, glycerine, and hydrogenated tallow from animal oleochemicals fats and vegetable oils, located in Italy.
  • Procter & Gamble Chemicals - Manufactures and markets triglycerides, fatty acids and alcohols, chemicals tertiary amines, chemicals glycerine, and derivatives.
  • Huzhou Sifeng Savageness Refine Wax Factory - Manufacturer of C28-C32 fatty alcohols in China.
  • Unistar Oleochem Corporation - Producer of chemicals derived from coconut oil in chemicals the Philippines. Products include betaines, amine oxides, ethanolamides, chemicals alkonium chlorides, for application in the detergent and chemicals cosmetic industry.
  • Derichem (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. - Soap noodles derived from palm oil based fatty acids. Palmsabun is renown for its superior whiteness, low odour, vegetable based, and biodegradability. Suitable for producing high quality toilet soap bars.
  • Organic Chemical Corp. - Manufacturers of glycerine specialty and bulk organic chemicals.
  • Wujiang Jinyu Lanolin Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of lanolin in industrial, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical grades. Located oleochemicals in China.
  • VVF Limited - Manufacturer of fatty acids and alcohols, glycerine, and basic chemicals soap oleochemicals noodles, for use in personal care products. basic chemicals Located in oleochemicals India.
  • Jiangsu Feixiang Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of fatty amines, surfactants, and fine chemicals.
  • Materia Oleochemicals - Manufacturers of fatty acids and glycerine from fats oleochemicals and oils chemicals (Mar del Plata - Argentina).
  • Fine Organics - Manufacturer of oleochemical derivatives and specialities used as additives in a variety of industries including foods, coatings, polymers, textiles, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Located in India.
  • Zibo Fenbao Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers of animal oleic acid, vegetable oleic acid, stearic acid, basic chemicals fatty acid.
  • Hudong Household Auxiliaries - Produces glycerides, gluconates, and derivatives for use in chemicals household chemicals oleochemicals and additives for the textile and chemicals plastic industries. Located in oleochemicals China.
  • Matrix Sdn Bhd - Manufacturing group in Malaysia offering bleaching earths for vegetable oil oleochemicals processing, specialty oleochemicals, as well as food flavors and fragrances.
  • Acidchem International Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia - Manufacturer of fatty acids and glycerine from palm basic chemicals oil, basic chemicals including Kosher and Halal products. Part of basic chemicals IOI Oleochemical basic chemicals Industries.
  • Aldivia - Sourcing, design, manufacture and commercialization of vegetable oils for cosmetic oleochemicals and industrial use. Provides services such as physico chemical analysis, oleochemicals formulation, technological monitoring from Cedex, France.
  • Boxin Oil & Fat Chemical Co., Ltd. - The China manufacturer of oleo chemicals including fatty acids, fatty basic chemicals amines, glycerine and their derivatives.
  • Natural ASA. - Fatty acids and designer made lipids for research, with customised oleochemicals manufacture on request. US sales office and contacts in Hovdebygda oleochemicals and Lysaker, Norway.
  • Rolex Lanolin Products, Ltd. - Manufacturer of lanolin anhydrous, linolin derivatives, oils and fats, cosmetic chemicals raw materials.
  • Gly-Tek - Produces food-grade and kosher polyglycerol esters in a basic chemicals range chemicals of molecular weights. Located in Idaho.
  • Chempri BV - Sales organisation with oleochemical production sites of its chemicals own. The product package includes a wide range chemicals of vegetable-, animal- and mineral oils, fatty acids, chemicals fatty alcohols, esters and tensio-actives.
  • Sinar Oleochemical International, PT (SOCI) - Producer of fatty acids and glycerine from palm basic chemicals oils, located in Indonesia.
  • HBI - HB International (HBI) is a brokerage and agency oleochemicals specialized in basic chemicals oleochemicals and related products (glycerine, fatty oleochemicals acids, castor products), and basic chemicals food products (Basmati and oleochemicals thai rices, coffee).
  • Faci S.p.A. - Producer of fatty acids, esters, and amides, metal oleochemicals stearates, and chemicals monoglycerides, for use in specialty chemicals oleochemicals and additive applications. Located chemicals in Italy.

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