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Offers novel analogues, building blocks and scaffolds for peptide synthesis, cores for drug discovery. Includes structures of products, login for medicinal optimization and contacts. Shirley, Massachusetts.

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  • Synthetech, Inc. - Provider of peptide building blocks, chiral intermediates and specialty derivatives amino acids to pharmaceutical customers worldwide from Albany, Oregon.
  • Wuhan University Hoyo Co., Ltd. - Profile and product list of manufacturer specializing in biochemical L-amino acids and their N-acetyl derivatives at Zhuo biochemical Dao Quan, China.
  • Fuyang Dongchen Bioengineering Co., Ltd. - Chinese manufacturer of L-valine, L-leucine, and L-isoleucine.
  • Novolite Chemicals Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of peptide-related products and services, specializing in coupling agents, amino acids aromatic or aliphatic ketone and alcohols, isomers and their derivatives. amino acids Start-up in Wujiang and Zhangjiagang, China.
  • Jinzhou Jirong Amino Acid Co., Ltd - Company profile and product list; glycine, proline, hydoxyproline amino acids and chemicals isomers such as tryptophan, leucine and lysine amino acids at Jinzhou, chemicals China.
  • Reanal Finechemical Co. - Production of protected amino acid derivatives, resins and amino acids custom chemicals peptide and organic synthesis, based in Budapest, amino acids Hungary.
  • Huaibei Xinxing Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of aspartate and other amino acids and sugars. Includes product specifications, order and contact information, in Xiangshan, China.
  • Senn Chemicals AG. - Developer and supplier of boc, fmoc, z and other amino biochemical acid derivatives, peptides, carbohydrates, reagents and resins. Subsidiaries in Asia, biochemical USA and France, with head office in Dielsdorf, Switzerland.
  • Tongzhou Chengxin Amino Acid Co., Ltd. - Research and production of L-isomers, their derivatives, and soybean extract. biochemical Lists products, quality criteria and profile of company in Jiangsu, biochemical China.
  • Priya Chemicals - Offers hydrolysates of plant proteins and mineral chelates, chemicals as biostimulants chemicals for acquaculture veterinary, poultry, chemicals and other agriculture. Includes chemicals process consultancy and profile chemicals of manufacturer in Mumbai, India.
  • Gelacs Innovation - Offer peptides for pharmceutical industry and research purpose.
  • Jiangsu Pizhou Tianzheng Bioengineering Co.,Ltd. - Offers 25kg packs of L-isomers of arginine, cystine, biochemical leucine, tyrosine, amino acids and derivatised cysteine, from China.
  • Ningbo Create Biological Project Co.,Ltd. - Company brief and product details, including L-cysteine and amino acids derivatives, from manufacturer in Zhenhai, China.
  • Tongbao Biological Engineering Co., Ltd - Specialized producer of L-alanine and L-aspartate in Chengguan, China.
  • Yangzhou Baosheng Bio-Chemical Co. Ltd - Offers N-acetyl-, BOC-, FMOC-, z- and native isomers, biochemical as well as specialist derivatives produced at Tianshan, biochemical China.
  • Changzhou Niutang Chemical Plant Co.,Ltd - Company tour, news, products introduction and contact information.
  • Nanjing Tiancheng Biochemical Engineering Co.,Ltd - Offers amino acids and their derivatives produced by enzymatic process, biochemical as well as chemical synthesis. Also membrane sterilization and purification biochemical products available from Jiangsu, China.
  • Shenzhen Asiatop Carnitine Technology Co., Ltd. - Specialty manufacturer of carnitine derivatives for use in formulations, based amino acids in Baoan, China.
  • Ningbo Haide Amino Acid Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of glycine, L-isomers and cysteine derivatives, available in 20 chemicals to 50kg cartons to Halal and Kosher certification, from Zhenhai, chemicals China.
  • Donboo Amino Acid Co., Ltd. - Offers D, L and racemic mixtures, as well amino acids as amino acids BOC-, CBZ- and FMOC-protected reagents, and amino acids related products. amino acids Includes specifications and profile manufacturer in amino acids Nantong, China.
  • Zhangjiagang Shuguang Biochemical Factory - Company overview, product and specification list of specialist in L-isomer synthesis, based in Zhangjiagang, China.
  • Shanghai Hengbai Biotech Co., Ltd. - Research and manufacture of chiral amino acids, including chemicals alcohols, linkers, amino acids protected forms and derivatives. Includes details chemicals of products, analysis, QC amino acids and contacts in China.
  • Tongzhou Rongtai Aminoacid Co.,Ltd. - Produces isomers of tryptophan, 5-hydroxy-tryptophan and L-threonine in chemicals Yubei, China.
  • Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. - Production of chiral chemicals and fine chemicals. Intermediates biochemical for nitriles, biochemical cyanohydrins, -hydroxy acid, amines, amino acids, biochemical hydantoins, and similar products. biochemical Custom and toll manufacturing biochemical capability in Japan.
  • Matrix Innovation - Company specialized in derivatives, protecting and coupling reagents and resins chemicals for peptide synthesis. Product list and contacts in Montreal, Canada.
  • Sichuan Sangao Biochemical Co .,Ltd - Specialist in peptide synthesis reagents to ISO9001:2000. Lists biochemical products, contacts amino acids for Europe, USA, and facilities near biochemical Chengdu, China.
  • Ajinomoto Co., Inc - Provide company profile, products introduction and contact detail.
  • RSP Amino Acids LLC. - Offers novel analogues, building blocks and scaffolds for biochemical peptide synthesis, chemicals cores for drug discovery. Includes structures biochemical of products, login for chemicals medicinal optimization and contacts. biochemical Shirley, Massachusetts.
  • Shanghai Hanhong Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer primarily of D isomers, but offering, nucleosides, nucleotides and chiral reagents from China.
  • TriMen Chemicals sp. z o.o. - Poland based company, with company information, products information biochemical and contact detail.
  • Orgsyn Laboratory, Inc. - Small scale process research and development company for biochemical custom synthesis biochemical of organic compounds for biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, biochemical pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals biochemical sectors, from Chicago, Illinois.
  • Amino GmbH. - Company profile, newsletter archive and specification of pharmaceutical chemicals and neutraceutical biochemical grade amino acids, betaines, and uridine, chemicals by manufacturer in Frellstedt, biochemical Germany.

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