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Research, development of novel ingredients to be converted into dietary supplements, over-the-counter medicines and pharmaceutical ingredients, such as theaflavins. Manufacturer based in Shanghai, China, with headquarters in Nashville, TN.

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  • Kancor Flavours and Extracts Limited - Produces natural ingredients, including spice and herb extracts chemicals and oils, food colorants, essential oils and raw chemicals botanicals. Located in Kerala, India.
  • Spec-Chem Industry, Inc. - ISO9002 certificated production of herbal constituents. Includes introduction plant extracts to chemicals products and facilities at Nanjing, China.
  • Sichuan Jiangyuan Natural Products Co.,Ltd. - Company and products profile of manufacturer of berberine, biochemical chondroitin, camptothecin biochemical and derivatives, with distribution from Chengdu, biochemical China.
  • Sino-American Joint Venture Panjin Green Biological Development Co., Ltd. - Offers silymarin, silybin, evening promise oil, Rhizoma curcumae chemicals extracts of chemicals ginseng, schisandra, hawthorn, shitake mushroom, blackcohosh chemicals and grape seed, from chemicals Liaoning, China.
  • Alkaloids Corporation - Manufacturers of phytochemicals, herbal extractions, nutraceuticals and suppliers for active plant extracts pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. Includes overview of production and facilities plant extracts at Calcutta, India.
  • Chemillennium International (H.K.) Ltd. - Supplier of hormones, steroids, medicinal plants, natural extracts and phytochemicals plant extracts in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  • Sichuan Guanghan Bio-Hitech Co., Ltd. - Profile and products of manufacturer in Guanghan, China.
  • Zhejiang Sinour Industry Co., Ltd. - Supplying natural herb products, with purity for health chemicals food and medicine industries. Includes details of range chemicals and company located in Hangzhou, China.
  • ArboNova - Supplier of bioactive lignans, stilbenes and flavonoids for research applications, plant extracts extracted and purified by chromatography. Turku, Finland.
  • HĂ©ritiers Brahim Belkhiria - Since 1940, principally producing essential oils extracted from rosemary, myrtle biochemical and plants, used for aromatherapy. Company and product overview, with biochemical contacts for export from Sousse, Tunisia.
  • Active Ingredients Group, Inc. - Profile and database of herbal products for pharmaceutical, health-food and chemicals cosmetics industries. Facilities in Xi\\'an, Chengdu, Beijing, Jiling, Guangxi, Changsha, chemicals Xingjiang, China.
  • Xi'an Chongxin Natural Bio-Broducts Co., Ltd. - Offers monomer and polyphenols, polyscaccharide powders, extracted from biochemical Glycyrrhizae. Shows biochemical quality control, specifications, production contacts at biochemical Sanqiao, China.
  • Sichuan Phytointl Hi-Tech Ltd. - Manufacturer and supplier in the field of the plant extracts nutritional bulk ingredients, specializing in herbs and extraction plant extracts from botanical sources. Introduces company, lists products, quality plant extracts control and contacts in China.
  • Swati Menthol and Allied Chemicals Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporters of natural menthol and allied plant extracts chemicals. Marketinhing Mississauga, Ontario, and based in plant extracts Rampur, India.
  • Yiming Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. - Offer transglutaminase, cyclodextrins, maltols, Ginkgo biloba and grape biochemical seed extract. biochemical Details of products and manufacturer in biochemical Jiangsu, China.
  • Archimex - CRO specializing in the microwave assisted extraction and purification processes of ingredients from natural products for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and the food industries, in Vannes, France.
  • Xiamen Forever Green Source Biochem Co.,Ltd - Profile, research and quality control of botanical extracts, food additives biochemical and chemical intermediates for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, from biochemical company with facilities in Anhui and Jiangsu provinces, China.
  • Flavex Naturextrakte GmbH. - Manufacturer of botanical products for flavors and remedies, using supercritical plant extracts carbon dioxide extraction. Includes catalog and online purchase for corporate plant extracts clients, from Rehlingen, Germany. [Flash required]
  • Adventure - Producer and distributor of chemicals in India, specializing biochemical in botanical products such as psyllium husks, aloe biochemical vera, neem and castor oils, and a range biochemical of Indian herbs.
  • Gelymar Carrageenans - Manufacturing carrageenan from fresh seaweed, with integrated up-stream plant extracts collection and technologies to develop stability and texture plant extracts for food and cosmetic products. Flash presentation from plant extracts Santiago, Chile.
  • Sarv Bio Labs - Manufacturer for supply of phytochemicals and herbal drugs biochemical based in biochemical Ambala City, India.
  • Jiangsu Spring Fruit Biological Products Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of natural vitamin E oil, plant extracts phytosterol and fatty acid methyl ester in Taixing, plant extracts China.
  • Ikeda Tohka Industries Lab. - Offers long chain omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids, humic biochemical acid plant energizer, and other extracts from Hiroshima, biochemical Japan.
  • Organic Herb Inc. - Developer, manufacturer, exporter and primary supplier of green biochemical tea, ginseng root and grape seed extracts. biochemical Includes product list, specifications and contact form, and biochemical introduction to research center in Beijing, China.
  • Shaanxi Tianwei Biological Products Co.,Ltd. - Company overview, production and specifications of vitamin E, biochemical phytosterols, plant chemicals and herb extracts, from manufacturer in biochemical Jinghe, China.
  • Shanghai Jinhe Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer offering taxanes, paclitaxel, reserpine and Jiaogulan extract. plant extracts Includes chemicals details of QC, licensing, development, trading, importing plant extracts and exporting chemicals from China.
  • Hubei Baofeng Bio-chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer, primarily of amino acids by fermentation and biochemical extraction, but plant extracts includes sales of disposables. Lists quality biochemical standards, products and contacts plant extracts in Wuhan, China.
  • Maharashtra Phytochemicals - Manufacturer using cGMP guidelines of botanical extractions from biochemical Neem and Tulsi trees, orange peel and herbal biochemical mixtures. Profile of company in Thane, India.
  • Nav Bharat Impex - Menthol crystals and peppermint oil blends manufacturer from India.
  • HaiNan Super Biotech Co.,Ltd - A development enterprise based on natural medical plants cultivation, green food additives and vegetable drug extraction, focusing on extract of leaves, oil, antioxidant of rosemary, in Haikou, China.
  • Wuhan Kaidi Fine Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. - Offers vitamin E, vegetable sterols, fragrance and flavouring plant extracts from biochemical Hongshan, China.
  • Hunan Kinglong Bio-resource Co.,Ltd. - Extractor of green, black, white and oolong tea, plant extracts botanical plant extracts and herbal ingredient. Includes product details and plant extracts profile of plant extracts company in Changsha, China.
  • Chengdu Biopurify Phytochemicals Ltd. - Herbal extract manufacturer of nutritional ingredients and API, plant extracts offering custom extraction, characterization and purification. Product list plant extracts with specifications and ordering from Chengdu, China.
  • Unitechem Co., Ltd. - Primarily food and natural additives, such as sodium chemicals diacetate, xanthan gum, pepsin, pancreatin, lecithin and protein chemicals isolates of soy. Product list and profile of chemicals manufacturer and trading company in Teda, China.
  • BioNaturalle - Manufactures and markets of dietary and pharmaeutical ingredients chemicals of botanical origin. Details of products and company chemicals in Mumbai, India.
  • Cyanotech Corp. - Develops and commercializes nutritional additives, pharmaceuticals, and related products derived from cyanobacteria and other algae. Product pipeline and investment contacts in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. (Nasdaq: CYAN).
  • Lessonia - Processes marine products for thalassotherapy, cosmetic, dietetic, fertilizers, feeds and plant extracts pet-foods. Its main process consists on micronising seaweed and plants plant extracts in Brittany, France.
  • Algatechnologies, Ltd. - Produces natural astaxanthin and other microalgae-derived products for biochemical the nutraceuticals chemicals and cosmetics industry. Includes overview of biochemical research, product development and chemicals profile of company in biochemical Israel.
  • Natural Response, High Technology Plants Extracts - Production and marketing of natural extracts derived from Chilean plants, particularly saponins as foaming agents and emulsifiers. Based in QuilpuĂ©, Chile. [English and Spanish]
  • Zhejiang Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Imp/Exp Co., Ltd. - Specifications of catechins from green tea extracts, as natural antibacterial agent for pharmaceuticals and food industries from supplier in Ningbo, China.
  • PlantChem - Offers pigments, flavonoids, proanthocyanidins and other phenolics from plants and food sources, as chromatographic standards and test samples in medicine and industry. Also analytical services in Sandnes, Norway.
  • Linnaeus Plant Sciences, Inc. - Biotechnology company developing castor oil seed crops, genetically chemicals engineered to biochemical produce petroleum substitutes. Includes scientific overview, chemicals and partnership opportunities for biochemical ricinoleic acid and motor chemicals oil in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Sinobest - Chinese firm producing phytochemicals such as Luteolin, Acacetin, and Genkwanin. chemicals Product catalogue.
  • AgResources Development Group, LLC. - Developer, consultant, and supplier of nutritional supplements and natural products biochemical for health and wellness. Profile and outline of services from biochemical Ankeny, Iowa.
  • Plantes et Industrie - Development and manufacturing of cytotoxic or pharmaceutical ingredients, chemicals offering extraction, biochemical semi-synthesis, purification, bioavailability enhancement. Includes details chemicals of analytical, fluorination and biochemical pilot plants in Gaillac, chemicals France.
  • Fytokem Products Inc. - Corporation established to develop plant extracts and phytochemicals plant extracts as plant extracts functional ingredients for use in the cosmetic, plant extracts personal care, plant extracts food, nutraceuticals, therapeutic and pharmaceutical industries, plant extracts from Saskatoon, Canada.
  • Himilaya Herb Stores - Cultivators, exporters and importers of seeds, sea weeds, resins. Lists plant extracts products and profile of company in Saharanpur, India.
  • 101 Herbs - Processors of herbal extracts, essential oils, herbs and raw materials used in pharmaceutical, health, cosmetics, food and perfumery industries, for export from Delhi, India.
  • Nashai Biotech, LLC. - Research, development of novel ingredients to be converted chemicals into dietary supplements, over-the-counter medicines and pharmaceutical ingredients, chemicals such as theaflavins. Manufacturer based in Shanghai, China, chemicals with headquarters in Nashville, TN.
  • Atlantis Bioactives Corp. - Biopharmaceutical ingredients, such as taxanes, extracted from botanical chemicals sources and synthetic production of 10-deacetylbaccatin III, purified chemicals within a cGMP compliant facility in Charlottetown, Prince chemicals Edward Island.

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