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Global surface science company specializing in adsorbents and catalysts, for markets including refining and petrochemicals, commodity chemicals, environmental, and fuel cells.

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  • Qing Dao Frank Chemical Industry International Ltd. - Silica gel producer in China, offering over 100 specifications including chemicals micro- and macro-porous types, indicators, desiccant sachets, chromatographic sorbents, and chemicals cat litter.
  • Hengyang Chemical Research Institute - Develops and manufacturers a range of catalysts and sorbents for desulfurization and water-gas shift in ammonia plants, as well as flavoring agent tributyl acetylcitrate.
  • Grace Davison - Manufacturer of fluid cracking, hydroprocessing, and polyolefin catalysts, chemicals Raney metal business catalysts, silicas, adsorbents and specialty products.
  • Chemicals (India) Company - Manufactures activated alumina, activated carbon, and silica gel, as well chemicals as ferrous sulphide extrudates for metallurgical applications.
  • Cycletrol Industries - Producer of a range of natural odor, moisture, and mildew business control products based on zeolites. Overview of products, distributors, and business technical information.
  • Zappa Tec, LLC - USA. Manufacturers of super absorbent polymers for the catalysts and adsorbents chemicals solidification of medical and industrial liquid wastes. Technical catalysts and adsorbents chemicals information and FAQ.
  • Zeochem AG - Manufactures molecular sieve (zeolite) adsorbents and catalysts, as business well as silica gel for chromatography and desiccant business applications. Headquartered in Switzerland.
  • Catalytic Solutions, Inc. - Develops and manufactures catalytic converters for automotive and catalysts and adsorbents stationary energy applications. Overview of technologies, corporate profile, catalysts and adsorbents and investor information. California.
  • Catal International Ltd - UK company offering products and services related to catalysts and chemicals catalytic processes, including development services, custom manufacturing, and sale of chemicals modular testing units.
  • Quzhou Baichuan Catalyst Co.,Ltd - Producer of catalysts and adsorbents for reforming processes, business including water-gas-shift, chemicals COS conversion, sulfur removal and methanization business catalysts.
  • Shanghai Hengye Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of molecular sieves, activated alumina, and silica business gel for chemicals applications in adsorption and drying.
  • Wisepac Active Packaging Components Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of desiccants and dehumidification supplies in pouches, canisters, strips, catalysts and adsorbents and other formulations. China.
  • Zeolyst International - Supplier of a wide range of zeolite catalysts and adsorbents, catalysts and adsorbents including custom zeolite powders, hydrocracking catalysts, and specialty catalysts.
  • Ceca Adsorbents - Supplier of activated carbons and aluminas, synthetic zeolites, catalysts and adsorbents and silica gels, for use in separation, purification, catalysts and adsorbents and drying processes.
  • Catacel Corporation - Ohio technology company offering solutions in the area chemicals of catalytic coatings, heat exchangers, and metal honeycombs, chemicals for applications in the environmental and energy sectors.
  • Incal Mineral - Producer and exporter of natural clinoptilolite zeolite mined chemicals in Turkey. business Overview of products and applications.
  • GeeJay Chemicals - United Kingdom manufacturer of desiccants: silica gel, silica gel sachets business and molecular sieves.
  • Zhengzhou Gold Mountain Science And Technique Co. Ltd. - Production, research and development of zeolite molecular sieve products.
  • UOP - Supplier of molecular sieve and alumina adsorbents and custom catalysts. business Detailed overview of application areas.
  • Dynamic Adsorbents - Provides sorbents for preparative chromatography at the pilot and production catalysts and adsorbents scale. Products include alumina, silica gels, polyamide, a pesticide-selective sorbent, catalysts and adsorbents as well as tubing supplies.
  • Esspee Enterprise - Manufacturer of silica gel in various grades, located catalysts and adsorbents in India.
  • Symyx Technologies, Inc. - Applies high-throughput experimentation to the discovery of new chemicals materials, including business catalysts used in the manufacture of chemicals chemicals, plastics and rubbers, business through collaborative research agreements.
  • Johnson Matthey Catalysts - Large-scale producer of environmental, process, and fuel cell catalysts and adsorbents catalysts.
  • Dalian Hongda Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X zeolites in China. business Products targeted at the natural gas and chemical industries. Summary business information.
  • Catalyst Products - Provides environmental catalysis products and services.
  • Zhaoyuan Huiyuan Silica Gel Co., Ltd. - Specialty manufacturer of silica gel products in China.
  • Nantong Dongyang Desiccant Manufacture Co., Ltd. - Supplier of silica gel desiccants and lime desiccants.
  • Pacific Mineralindo Utama - Indonesian producer of natural zeolite in granular and catalysts and adsorbents chemicals powder forms. Brief overview of applications.
  • Kocat, Inc. - Korean producer of environmental catalysts and adsorbents for catalysts and adsorbents removal of CO, halogens, NOx, ozone, VOCs, and catalysts and adsorbents dioxins.
  • Zeo Inc. - Producer of a range of natural zeolite products, chemicals for use in horticulture, as animal feed and chemicals filter media, and fillers. Located in Texas.
  • Baoji Rock Non-Ferrous Metal Co.,Ltd. - Researches, develops and manufactures metal catalysts.
  • Süd-Chemie Group - Global surface science company specializing in adsorbents and chemicals catalysts, for business markets including refining and petrochemicals, commodity chemicals chemicals, environmental, and fuel business cells.
  • Refoil Earth Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of bleaching clays in India, converting raw material from its own mine using dry and wet processes, for use in refining vegetable and mineral oils, animal fats, and waxes.
  • Taiyuan Xinli Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Producer of copper-based hydrogenation catalysts used in the production of business furfuryl alcohol, as well as a range of nitrate salts.
  • Silkem - Manufacturer in Slovenia of synthetic zeolites, silicates and catalysts and adsorbents specialty aluminas. Products find use in the chemical catalysts and adsorbents industry, detergent manufacture, papermaking, and as refractory components.
  • CRI Catalyst Company - Subsidiary of Shell, specializing in catalysts for refinery catalysts and adsorbents business processes, petrochemical manufacture, hydrogen production, and environmental applications.
  • HRP Industries - Manufacturer of activated fullers earth. Used for the bleaching of catalysts and adsorbents industrial oils, mineral oils and edible oils.
  • Degussa Catalysts - Supplier of specialty products and services for hydrogenation, oxidation and catalysts and adsorbents polyolefins, including precious metal and Raney type catalysts.

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