Corrosion Coatings and Adhesives Chemicals

Manufactures custom polyurethane and polyurea formulations for a wide range of industrial use. Description of the Isocoat products -primers and elastomeric coatings for the pipe coating industry. [Canton, GA]

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  • Corro Therm Inc. - Manufactures and distributes variety of fillers, primers, and corrosion specialty coatings chemicals for broad range of applications. Also corrosion offers contract-coating services. Site chemicals provides details of available corrosion products and capabilities.
  • KEMA Coatings Limited - Formulator and manufacturer of solvent-free epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea chemicals coating and corrosion isobutylene sealants for the internal and chemicals external protection of metal, corrosion concrete and wood structures chemicals from corrosion, erosion, abrasion and bacteria corrosion destruction.
  • Coastline Industrial Coatings - Manufacturer of industrial strength sealers, direct to metal corrosion paints, elastomeric roof coatings, fleet finishes, high heats, corrosion waterborne coatings, urethanes, primers, and epoxies.
  • Isotec International - Manufactures custom polyurethane and polyurea formulations for a chemicals wide range of industrial use. Description of the chemicals Isocoat products -primers and elastomeric coatings for the chemicals pipe coating industry. [Canton, GA]
  • Chaudhary Chemitreat Engineers - Manufacture and apply a range of organic and corrosion inorganic corrosion chemicals resistant materials for new and rehabilitation corrosion applications. India.
  • Amchem Products Pvt Ltd - Description of the products based on 100% solids corrosion polyurethane to chemicals protect objects like pipelines, cooling towers corrosion and wastewater treatment tanks. chemicals Information on end use corrosion applications, product data sheets and case chemicals histories. [NOIDA corrosion 201 307, India]
  • Ronco International - Manufacture rust and corrosion inhibitors, rust preventatives, and coatings and adhesives coatings and adhesives vapor phase corrosion inhibitors. Spain.
  • Zerust - An anti corrosion and anti rust company providing corrosion services and products.
  • Emailchim JSC - Supplies lacquers for coating of metal packaging for the food chemicals pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as anticorrosive protecting system, chemicals isolation coatings for metal and concrete surfaces.
  • Tek-Rap - Manufactures protective coating systems for the oil, gas coatings and adhesives and water industry. Utilizing a co-extrusion process it coatings and adhesives is possible to manufacture individual coatings for specific coatings and adhesives and demanding applications.
  • StrongBack Corporation - Manufactures water activated, resin impregnated, glass fiber composite wrap pipe remediation materials for pipeline remediation, cathodic protection, and corrosion control. [Tomball, Texas]
  • Royal Coating Corporation - Manufacturers of epoxy corrosion protection coatings for use chemicals in the chemicals offshore, marine and industrial market. Includes chemicals material safety data sheets chemicals and safety recommendations.
  • Metal Coatings International Inc - Manufacture water-based, inorganic coatings that provide corrosion protection corrosion for steel components. Includes product brochures in pdf corrosion format.
  • Zebron Corp. - Produce hybrid polyurethane sprayed on non-corrosive coatings for corrosion storage tanks, coatings and adhesives sewers, and salt water equipment. Includes corrosion physical and chemical properties.
  • Martin Mathys N.V. - Single-component, elastomeric acrylic coating system for protection against coatings and adhesives corrosion corrosion, water, and rust. General information, technical data coatings and adhesives corrosion in PDF format, and media.
  • Sigma Protective Coatings - This sector of SigmaKalon is dedicated to manufacture protective corrosion coatings for the marine and other industries. With an introduction corrosion to the fields of activities. Datasheets are available.
  • Pacific Southwest Supply - Corrosion protection systems and services for steel, concrete corrosion and non-ferrous metals including lead waste management systems corrosion from Sigma Coatings, Ceilcote Corrosion Control, Fleetguard Coatings corrosion and Pretox. [Brea CA 92821]

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