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Food and industrial chemicals including fertilizers, sulphur, lead nitrate, sodium citrate and potash. Product information, industry links, and information request form.

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  • Albion Chemicals Group - UK. Group of sales and marketing companies, specialised chemicals in bulk a and packaged chemicals for building and chemicals construction, water treatment, and a industrial and consumer markets. chemicals Part of the Brenntag Group.
  • Arkema Inc. - Diversified chemicals manufacturer. Products include acrylic monomers and diversified manufacturers polymers, technical polymers and resins, agrichemicals, fluorochemicals, peroxides, diversified manufacturers and thiochemicals.
  • Alpha Chem, Inc - Producer of adipic acid, castor oil, guar gum, a menthol, camphor, chemicals and sulfolane in New Jersey. Also a sources pigments and specialty chemicals chemicals from other manufacturers a through global alliances.
  • Avatar Corporation - Products for the Food, Drug and Cosmetic industries. diversified manufacturers Custom chemicals blending services, industry news, and company employment diversified manufacturers information.
  • Anderson Development Company - Specialty and custom chemical manufacturer whose products include diversified manufacturers polyurethanes and curatives, acrylic resins, styrene copolymers, organoborates, diversified manufacturers and nitrogen trifluoride.
  • Athea Laboratories, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of specialty chemicals for cleaning, fire fighting, lubrication, wet wipe production, and waste water and sewage treatment. Technical information on PDF files.
  • Anqiushi Luxing Chemistry Co., Ltd. - Producer of oil drilling chemicals, metal coatings, fertilizer diversified manufacturers anticaking diversified manufacturers agents and surfactants in China.
  • ArrMaz Custom Chemicals - Makes a variety of chemicals for use in fertilizer manufacturing, a phosphate mining, and industrial minerals processing, most of which are a custom formulated to fit customer applications.
  • Aslchem International Inc. - Food and industrial chemicals including fertilizers, sulphur, lead a nitrate, sodium a citrate and potash. Product information, industry a links, and information request a form.

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