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Chemical Industries of the Philippines is primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of industrial chemicals. The CIP subsidiaries and affiliates are also in general insurance, chemical bulk storage, and personal care products.

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  • Colonial - The Colonial Research Chemical Corporation is a team c of professionals, diversified manufacturers organized to meet a common c goal of providing our diversified manufacturers customers with specialty chemicals.
  • Cerac, Inc. - Manufactures a wide variety of specialty inorganics in chemicals research and chemicals production quantities.
  • Chuanxi Xingda Chemical Plant - Manufacturer specializes in phosphatic chemicals including sodium phosphate, phosphoric acid, ammonium phosphate and potassium phosphate.
  • Chemidex LLC - Paint and coatings industry\\'s technical data sheet repository. chemicals Provides continuously updated raw material data sheets, starting chemicals point formulations and product bulletins from chemical companies chemicals around the world.
  • Changshu League Chemical Co., Ltd. - Supply agrochemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and hair coloring agents.
  • Chimen - Specialist in the production of diluents and the diversified manufacturers sale chemicals of solvents and plasticizers.
  • Cardolite Corporation - Develops and manufactures products based on cashew nutshell liquid for diversified manufacturers the coatings, printing, rubber and specialty polymer industries, including epoxy diversified manufacturers curing agents, reactive modifiers, resins, and brake linings.
  • Cangzhou Green Chemical Co., Ltd. - Produces agrochemicals, fine chemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates.
  • Ceca - An Arkema subsidiary which develops and markets specialty chemicals chemicals used c in industrial applications.
  • Chordip, Ltd. - UK based fine chemicals supplier serving global markets. Specific expertise of fluorination, pyridine derivatives, 3,5-Bis TFM derivatives. Research and development capabilities.
  • Circuits-Base Chemicals - Corporate website of Circuits-Base Chemicals (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. c Description of product details and contact information.
  • Chimcomplex Borzesti - Romanian supplier of chlorosodics but also produces organic diversified manufacturers solvents, c synthesis intermediaries, pesticides, and compressed gases.
  • Chemical Industries of the Philippines - Chemical Industries of the Philippines is primarily engaged in the chemicals manufacture and sale of industrial chemicals. The CIP subsidiaries and chemicals affiliates are also in general insurance, chemical bulk storage, and chemicals personal care products.
  • Clariant BTP India Pvt. Ltd. - Producer of leather treatment chemicals and biocides, also diversified manufacturers serving c as agent for research chemicals.
  • Wujin Organic Chemical Plant - Manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticides. Includes company c profile, product diversified manufacturers list.
  • C&H Chemical - Manufacture and packaging of specialty chemical products and cleaning compounds that are performance oriented and environmentally safe.
  • Camida - Source and supply fine chemicals and ingredients worldwide.
  • Cytech Products, Inc. - Information about products and availability at Cytech\\'s North chemicals American facility - manufacturer of performance chemicals.
  • ChemPro - Manufacturer of specialty laboratory and industrial chemicals, including polymers, pulp chemicals and paper, water treatment, acrylic coatings, and solvent blends.
  • Chemical Specialists and Development, Inc. - Specialists in a wide range of oil and c chemical products diversified manufacturers meeting military specifications.
  • Cortec Corporation - Manufacturer of environmentally friendly vapor phase corrosion inhibitors diversified manufacturers (VCI).
  • Cognis - Supply natural-sourced chemical products, know-how for product concepts and chemical diversified manufacturers and technical processes.
  • Clariant - The company has grown out of the Sandoz Chemicals division, which was floated on the stock market as a spin-off in the summer of 1995, and the Hoechst specialty chemicals businesses, integrated in the summer of 1997. The products and services of the six d
  • CGP Chemicals, Ltd. - Suppliers of adhesives, cyanacrylates and anaerobics, release agents, silicones, solvents, lubricants.
  • Cognis France - Cognis France is an affiliate of the Cognis chemicals Group, suppliers diversified manufacturers of oleochemicals, agrochemicals, and other speciality chemicals chemicals.
  • Chemconserve, Inc. - Sourcing and producing hard to get chemicals. Phosphonium c salts, methane sulfonic acid, alpha methyl styrene, and c other specialty organics.
  • Convertex - CONVERTEX delivers customized products from small research scale c and high-throughput screening to multi-kilogram quantities, tailored to c the speciality chemicals, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries.
  • China North Industries Shenzhen Co. - Producer and exporter of chemical reagents, PTFE, feed diversified manufacturers additives c and refrigeration chemicals.
  • Chemiprotect Engineers - Acid Proof Material, bricks, tile Lining, anti-corrosives and chemicals manufacturer.
  • CrossChem Limited - Manufacturer and distributor of specialty intermidiate chemicals such as high purity ethylene cyanohydrin and phenyl acetate. Products offered in 55 gal drums and bulk shipments. MSDS and product specifications available.
  • Cobratec Metal Protection - Provide solutions to corrosion problems by delivering a chemicals protective shield c to metals such as copper and chemicals brass.
  • CHEM Group, Inc. - Diversified chemical manufacturer, headquartered in Indiana. Products include heat transfer fluids, plasticizers, specialty amines, and lubricants. Also offers custom processing and recycling services.
  • Capital Resin Corporation - US producer of industrial resins, plasticizers, and sulfonic chemicals acid catalysts chemicals as well as specialty intermediates, providing chemicals custom-formulated products into a chemicals variety of industrial sectors.
  • CYPLUS - More than Cyanide - Degussa describes its product lines and gives information about cyanide diversified manufacturers and its uses in the gold mining industry, electroplating, and diversified manufacturers organic synthesis.
  • CPAC, Inc. - Holding company with subsidiaries that produce photographic processing chemicals for c medical, dental, industrial x-ray, microfilm, and graphic arts markets. Based c in Leicester, New York.
  • Cabot Corporation - A global specialty chemicals company, producing carbon blacks chemicals , fumed diversified manufacturers metal oxides, tantalum and inkjet colorants. chemicals Provides details on products diversified manufacturers and applications, corporate news, chemicals strategy, history, contacts.
  • Conductive Compounds - Custom formulators of electrically and/or thermally conductive adhesives, c potting compounds, diversified manufacturers coatings, inks, caulks, UV encapsulants, EMI/RFI c coatings, shieldings, membrane switch diversified manufacturers materials.
  • Coasty Resource - Supplier of sodium tripolyphosphate, phosphoric acid, phosphates for diversified manufacturers dishwashing detergents, industrial cleaners, metal finishing, and chemicals diversified manufacturers (tin oxide) for ceramics.
  • Cyndan Chemicals - Manufacturer of performance products for cleaning, construction, and horticultural applications, c including janitorial, laundry, fertilizer, pesticide and automotive formulations. Based in c Australia.
  • CITIS S.A. - Produces sulphur products and distributes sulphur, bentonite, sorbican c and other chemical products throughout Europe.
  • Cimbar Performance Minerals - Barytes, organophilic clays, strontium sulfate, barium sulfate, bentonite.

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