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Specialize in the development and application of microencapsulation technologies for industrial markets with a focus on water-soluble, reactive chemicals and phase change materials.

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  • 3M - Technologies include abrasives, adhesives, non-woven fibers, films, precision diversified manufacturers coatings, chemicals fluorochemicals, ceramics, optics and microstructured surfaces. diversified manufacturers Maplewood, Minnesota.
  • Mitco, Inc. - Custom specialty chemical manufacturer based in Grand Rapids, m Michigan. Servicing chemicals manufacturing industries, Mitco provides technical expertise m and chemical based solutions chemicals for boilers, cooling systems, m waste water, specialty cleaning and sanitizing, chemicals paper
  • Miswa Chemicals Ltd. - Manufactures Polygard and Polytech brand chemicals.
  • Marcus Oil and Chemical - Leader in wax technology innovation.
  • Mann Formulated Products - Manufactures release agents and surface treatments used in the mold m making process by artists, industry, prototypers and casters around the m world.
  • Midwest Custom Chemicals - Supplier of oilfield, refinery, industrial and wastewater treatment chemicals chemicals.
  • Millennium Chemicals - Supplier of raw inorganic and organic materials and product that complement coatings, colorings, reactants and intermediates, polymers and pigments industries. Products sorted by family type and industry.
  • Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc. - Commodity and natural gas chemical synthesis.
  • Micro Powders, Inc. - Supplier of specialized micronized waxes, wax dispersions and diversified manufacturers emulsions m to the printing ink industry.
  • Mare Group - Manufacturer of industrial chemicals, detergents, and adhesives, headquartered in Italy. diversified manufacturers Markets include the papermaking, detergent, petroleum, ceramics, food, and water diversified manufacturers treatment industries.
  • MercaChem - Manufacturer of custom organic chemical compounds including building blocks, scaffolds and synthons for combinatorial chemistry or further synthesis,compounds or analogues for lead discovery or optimization, and reference compounds such as metabolites or
  • Microtek Laboratories, Inc. - Specialize in the development and application of microencapsulation chemicals technologies for industrial markets with a focus on chemicals water-soluble, reactive chemicals and phase change materials.
  • MacKenzie Corporation - Producer of acetyl acetonates of various metals, dimethylglycine, diversified manufacturers and photoconductors, also offering custom chemical production. Located diversified manufacturers in Louisiana.
  • Mintech Chemical Industries - Manufacturers and suppliers of speciality chemicals.
  • Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties Inc. - Provider of high purity magnesium oxide based products chemicals for environmental, diversified manufacturers industrial, nutritional and agricultural applications. Specialty chemicals products include flame retardants, diversified manufacturers fuel additives, refractories (steel chemicals production), dust suppressants, wastewater tr
  • Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc. - Manufacturer of chemicals and intermediates, specialty polymers and engineering plastics, diversified manufacturers functional materials, electronic materials, and admer adhesive resin.

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